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Discussion in 'SEO, PPC and Online Marketing' started by sirearl, Oct 6, 2014.

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  1. Wippler

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    I have actually paid for this course. One thing I have noticed just this week is the actual course itself does not rank on page one of google for any of the targetted keywords in the page title apart from diy seo course. If you google search anything else like Online Seo Course, and for the main targetted keyword Seo Training it's on page 5 of google. I am not saying that the course is no good, because it is. The on page aspects and how to structure your website are amazing. The only problem I have is that seeing the course rank so badly for key phrases that arent the most searched for terms in the world, makes me think that it will only get you so far. There can be no excuses for it not ranking, like oh I didnt want to attract the wrong type of people or I got too many phone calls asking for help. The whole point of them words being in that page title is to rank them words? But they arent ranking.
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  2. fisicx

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    Tin may not even be targeting 'Online Seo Course' or 'SEO Training'?
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  3. Wippler

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    He is. He will even say a page title is around 40% of the reason a page ranks. How can you say he might not be targetting them words if they are in his page title? Seo Training are the first words at the start of the page title. I know this is being picky and might not effect ranking but even the meta description goes against some of the rules in the course with capital letters where they shouldnt be. Maybe i am wrong I don't know. It just seems to me a bit odd that if you claim you have the best, yes thats correct the best onpage seo course and you rank for next to nothing, its not a great advert for the exact thing your actually adversizing is it ? Am i being too harsh here? I dont mean to be.
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  4. Wippler

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    I am not saying this is a scam or this is a total waste of time and money. It isnt becuse you will definitely have a better website. What i ak wondering is if this course is enough to get you ranking high on google today? Not 10 years ago or 5 years ago, but today. He ranked a website on page 1 of google for a keyword that is absolutely enormous and he done it by onpage seo and nothing else. I wont mention website but it shot to nunber one on page one and stayed there for over 10 years. The only problem is this was well over 10 years ago. Could you do the same thing today? I very I much doubt it. I know it sounds harsh but I think people need to be a bit more blunt with anyone at all selling SEO. Questions should be asked and SEO's should expect to be picked apart. Dont you agree this course should be ranking for more? Or am I missing the point? because seeing it rank so badly has made me feel like i am totally wasting my time in trying to use it to rank my own site.
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  5. Tin

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    @Wippler Right, if I may have a moment to answer
    Yep, and that is all I'm offering, it's a DIY SEO Course and I rank for that, it's not difficult to understand.

    I'm not targeting SEO Training despite those words being in the title tag. You've signed up for the course, go back to Module 5 of the course and read it thoroughly and then look at the Fresh Bananas home page. You should notice that the main copy has almost no 'SEO' in it around the SEO Training terms. I'm not targeting that term and not for the reasons you suggest but for the fact that I'm not needing any rankings for the terms you think I should be ranking for.

    Here's a tip, go to those other courses that rank for the keywords you want to be impressed by. Pay for those courses and then let me know if you've found any one of them stuffed full of the information I've put into my course. I took the liberty of examining other courses before I launched my course and there was nothing that comes close.

    To clarify, the people in the course who work at it (and I mean work at it) get high rankings but as is the norm, there are slackers in the course who just don't put the time in and want instant results. It's YOU that'll get those rankings, providing you work at it and clearly by the tone of your posts today I can only guess you haven't but I can prove that the course works if you want - there's one of your competitors (Vape and eLiquids) in the course and he's done extremely well with rankings, do you want his mobile number to ask him? He 'lived in the course' and still does.

    You're missing the point because it's only your perspective about my rankings that seems to matter to you and because I'm not ranking for all sorts of keywords you're expecting me to rank for, you attached that perspective to your opinion of the quality of my course.

    1: Look at the testimonials around the Fresh Bananas site, they're all genuine, every one of them and that's why the members names and web addresses are present in them. Give all of them a ring if you want and ask how they've got on within the course.

    2: Fresh Bananas is a side-line, my core SEO business is still working with clients and it's them that I pull off the rankings for, not the FB site.

    3: Client 'A' - working with him for the last 15 months and here's how he currently ranks.
    Keywords in the Top 3 of Google - 816
    Keywords in the Top 10 of Google -2,334
    Keywords in the Top 20 of Google - 3,774

    Client 'B' - worked with him for 8 years and here's how he currently ranks
    Keywords in the Top 3 of Google - 390
    Keywords in the Top 10 of Google - 1,657
    Keywords in the Top 20 of Google - 2,934

    Client 'C' - worked with him for 3 years and here's how he currently ranks
    Keywords in the Top 3 of Google - 224
    Keywords in the Top 10 of Google - 1,065
    Keywords in the Top 20 of Google - 1,995

    If you want proof of the above send me a PM and I'll provide it. I'm not sure what your motive is here but one thing is clear, you do appear to have a hidden agenda by signing up to this forum with the clear intention of casting aspersions completely anonymously like this.

    Posted: Feb 4, 2018 By: Tin Member since: Nov 14, 2005
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  6. Scott-Copywriter

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    You're assuming it's as straightforward as picking an exact keyword and then attempting to rank as high as possible for that keyword. That's not really how modern SEO works these days.

    Search engines have evolved to make much better use of long-tail keywords. This includes broader search terms involving the "main" keyword with potentially thousands of variations.

    Another important factor is semantics. It's not just about the word, but the meaning behind the word, as the search engine tries to gain a deeper understanding of what the user is looking for. Only recently has this become such a driving force due to improvements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    As a result, it's common for web pages to rank well for search terms that don't appear in the title tag, and in some cases, don't even appear in the content of the page.

    It is important to target a select number of keywords that are relevant to the purpose of the page, but how well the page ranks when those keywords are used as exact search terms is not a reliable measurement of performance these days. Not even close. Way more traffic (and conversions) can be achieved by the long-tail and semantic-related rankings.
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  7. sirearl

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    Always remember that it is not the most popular keywords that bring in the majority of traffic.

    One needs to cast a wide net.
    Posted: Feb 4, 2018 By: sirearl Member since: Apr 23, 2007
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