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Would you be interested instarting up your own recruitment consultancy

  1. would you like further training on how to become a recruitment agent and how to manage your business

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  2. Would you like to receive information on how you can start up your own agency

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  1. Recruitment Partners

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    for self-employed recruiters.

    London, UK – The Carrington Blake Group is launching a new infrastructure,
    Recruitment Partners to support recruitment consultants looking to start up on their own.

    What makes Recruitment Partners unique is its low cost, ability to run your own business under your own name, and they don’t take a percentage of your income.

    Recruitment Partners provides you with company formation, website, business cards, domain name registration, CV search account, basic training manuals, ARPC registration and skills testing software. In addition it provides services such as payroll and competitive factoring, which tend to be the main barriers to setting up a recruitment business

    Stephanie Mensah, Senior Project Consultant for Recruitment partners says
    “Self-employment is growing trend, it’s growing 20% year on year, so its makes sense to set up services and infrastructures that could help anyone in recruitment start their own business. It especially matters in recruitment, because now consultants can keep all of their hard earned money instead of 10% - 20%”.

    It cost £500 for registration and initial set-up, then a monthly maintenance fee of £200. Specialist services are an additional cost. To register, or for more information, contact Stephanie Mensah, Recruitment Partners - 20 Dock street, London E1 8JP. Phone - 0207 360 6047, 07931 234 737, email [email protected]
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