New Generation of Innovative Android TV Box Sound Bars Now at Chinavasion

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    A new generation of smart TV sound bars combining TV box functionality with impressive sound quality are now available at electronic wholesaler, Chinavasion.

    Flat screen TVs are incredibly thin, which is great when it comes to visuals, but wreaks havoc on the sound output. Of course a good solution to this dilemma would be a dedicated surround sound system, but other than audiophile purists, many consumers are reluctant to invest heavily in audio systems that take up so much space and require a significant amount of setup.

    When consumers figured out a precious few flat panel TVs were equipped with decent, built-in speakers and were unprepared to pay for bulky speakers, sound bars became a popular solution for many.

    "A new generation of sound bars combining Android TV box capabilities are now available at Chinavasion. They combine high quality audio output with smart TV functions by incorporating an Android TV box alongside good quality speakers in the form of a sound bar to create a new generation of audiovisual gadget," advised PR Manager at Chinavasion, Ms. Rose Li.

    What is an Android TV Box Soundbar?

    This innovative sound solution is more than just a sound bar, with DVB-T features, an Android 5.1 OS, Kodi media player and 4K resolutions available. It can turn any HDMI screen into a smart TV with access to online and terrestrial shows, as well as a full host of applications.

    Who Can benefit from this TV Box Soundbar?

    "Combining smart TV and full range speakers into one device provides consumers with the perfect solution to poor flat screen speaker issues, while also offering a wealth of media functionality such as video streaming, games and web surfing," said Ms. Rose Li.

    Consumers with a LCD flat screen TV can now improve their audio quality as well as benefit from the smart TV functions offered by this new media center gadget.

    With the rise of online viewing and improved access to streaming TV shows, it would appear TV boxes will continue to be a major draw in the years to come, but the innovate approach taken by Chinese manufactures provides extra benefits to consumers by addressing multiple needs.

    China wholesale electronics company, Chinavasion, is at the forefront of this development, striving to offer the latest and best TV boxes at wholesale prices. With in-house quality control, global shipping partners and 12 months warranty, they are one of the leading China wholesalers for quality TV boxes.
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