New Employee off sick for two weeks in first month of employment

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Ha! But, I disagree. I think statistically you could work it out. Like in the Sopranos episode I saw.

Da guys worked out that X construction company could support 3 'No Works' and 2 'No Shows'.

So if the company is fat with cash it could support X numbers of human manatees lolling at home with Y amount of yearly profit, and still continue.

But, usually the healthy body expels the parasite, after much agonising (nice company) or with remorseless efficiency (not so nice company), I tinks.
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The Byre

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Aug 13, 2013
The good news is - in 'The Sopranos', you are right!

The bad news is - 'The Sopranos' is not real!

From what I could gather from my Italian-American New York relatives who told me that they earned their money by importing herbs, ruthless efficiency was the order of the day - no manatees!
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