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    By own opinion I will always try save some pounds here and there, but I buy what I know. Yes definitely some annoying retailers. "Argosh" being one since everyone does that when they see their prices.

    I guess the price situation is a vicious circle, and dropping prices when your just starting out isn't going to fill your pockets any time soon, so lesson one made, stick to your guns on "lowest" price, valued customers will pay for a products worth.
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    One of the difficulties you will find is that quality and price do not necessarily go hand in hand when buying from the main garment wholesalers that supply printers and retailers across the UK.

    Some of the designer brand junk my daughters have paid big money for may be slightly better finished, better presented in the shop etc., but their definition of cheap feel and quality are miles away from mine so I think you need to focus on exactly what you mean?

    PS: I was in Matalan before Christmas (feeling flush:D) and a Polo they were selling for about £4ish was exceptionally well finished! In contrast John Lewis had a Hugo Boss shirt I wouldn't pay a tenner for let alone £65!
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    If you are just entering the clothing business, I think a good B2B marketplace will be a good choice, of course, you can setup your own online store use Shopify or other platforms.
    And to start any apparel line, you should plan and think a lot before do something really.
    1. Which type of clothing to sell? Women's clothes, fashion clothes and Activewear are nowadays popular trends.
    2. How much is your budget?
    3. Do you want to wholesale clothing to sell or use drop shipping?
    4. Will you plan a long term business, if yes, build your brand is important.
    My company is professional in helpying individual business owner or small startups to start their new sportswear, activewear, fitness apparel and gwm clothing line, if you are interested in any of them, check these posts in berunwear/blog.
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    • How to start a custom made leggings line

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    After looking at all the above suggestions I feel you got the right choices to make. My suggestion would be think big from start don't start it off as a retail business(offline one!). Keep money aside for digital marketing. Invest in commission based marketing as well from start. You may get little exhausted at first but it'll reap good fruits in the coming future.

    One more analytical mistake is if you say clothing, it's a little vague for me. Specify which section you are going to focus and market after segregation.
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