NEW: Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud - Host Your Data in Secure Acronis UK Datacentre

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    We have now added Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud! You can try our service 100% FREE for the first TWO MONTHS! Use code UKBF.

    Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for WHM and cPanel is a block-level backup plugin which is the fastest backup software on the net. Do not settle for file-level backup software which is much slower at backing up and restoring data, not to mention the extra resources it uses. Backup with the world’s leading data backup software utilising block-level technology today! Backup with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud at HostXNow!

    We have a simple pricing structure as follows:

    £6/month per Virtual Machine agent
    £25/month per Dedicated Server agent
    £0.10/month per 1 GB Cloud Backup Storage (minimum of 30GB required)


    Unlimited Bandwidth
    WHM Interface
    cPanel Plugin
    Access To Acronis Backup Console
    Hosted in Acronis UK Datacentre

    Why Use Acronis Backup Cloud via HostXNow?

    • HostXNow and Acronis cannot see the data you back up when you enable the privacy feature within the console. This is better for privacy, GDPR, and security reasons. This can not be achieved so easily when using other systems like remote backup accounts or VPS/Dedicated type systems and software like R1Soft/JetBackup/Default cPanel backup system.
    • We do not require you to sign a one year contract of £175/month minimum. You may cancel with HostXNow at any time.
    • Your backups are stored directly with Acronis in a secure UK datacentre which offers the fastest read/write speeds based in UK/Europe.
    • We include full support for the agent and your servers. You do not have to have your VPS/Dedicated Servers with HostXNow to use the Acronis service from HostXNow.

    Start today for just £9/month!

    More information:

    If you have any questions, please let us know!
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