New 8 Port USB Charging Station with Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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Oct 13, 2014
The Nexodus LifeLine 8 port USB charger revolutionizes the way people charge their devices. The new charging solution comes with a Qi wireless charging pad, and a universal plug, according to Chinavasion.

The latest Nexodus LifeLine charging solution caters to a substantial need of heavy tech users who crave intensive power management. The versatile LifeLine hub comes with 3 charging options including USB, universal power plug and Qi wireless charging pad, allowing users to connect a full range of devices to it with a maximum output of 60W or 12A.

According to Ms. Rose Li, PR Manager at Chinavasion, “This latest product from Nexodus can charge all of your portable electronics and peripherals at once, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, battery packs, cameras and GPS systems.”

She continued, “Given the large number of USB devices that we use in our everyday life, it is common for most of us to struggle finding enough sockets to keep everything charged up.”

Nexodus Multi Port Charging Station

The Nexodus 8 port USB charging station is designed to counter this issue. It has been purposely designed to offer a wide range of charging options and comprises of a Qi charging pad, plus 8 USB ports, four of which provide a 2.4A maximum output for faster charging. It also has a universal plug socket.

Ms. Li said, “The inclusion of a wireless Qi charging pad makes this all in one multi-port USB charger future proof, and as Qi charging is being adopted by an increasing number of devices, it will cement the hub’s position as one of the best charging options for your home or office.”

Many devices already include wireless charging such as the newer Samsung Galaxy phones, leading models from Nokia and HTC, as well as some devices in the Google Nexus range. As this technology becomes more popular, it is likely many new devices will support wireless charging in the future.

Chinavasion is also giving away a Type-C USB lead with each Nexodus charger, so it can be used with some of the latest USB technology as featured on the MacBook and Nokia N1 tablet, as well as several other devices.

“Once Android Marshmallow is launched, you can expect to see many more devices with USB Type-C ports. Additionally, Qi wireless charging is expected to feature in a growing number of portable electronics, so this charging hub is a great way to prepare for the future and will save you the need to purchase separate wireless chargers later,” Rose Li said.

It is evident from Ms. Rose Li’s statements that the Nexodus USB Charging hub would be well suited for a busy office, home or public space by allowing multiple users to charge mobile devices conveniently without taking up several power sockets.

China wholesale company, Chinavasion, is the exclusive distributor of the Nexodus 8 port USB Charging hub as well as other charging solutions and cool gadgets.
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