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  1. MikeJ

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    Is there any technology that can show data from a PC on a networked screen?

    We have a peer to peer network in the office, and occasionally want to display the output from one of the PCs on a larger screen to act as a discussion point. I can't think of an easy way to do this. Currently the user is turning their PC's screen around so others can see it, but that's not ideal.

    The image should be able to come from any PC, so we can't just plug a big screen into one PC.
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  2. Alcom IT

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    We recommend the "Barco Click Share" system to our clients that want to wirelessly present from their laptops to a TV screen so it should work in your scenario too. Simply plug the big square box into the TV then plug in the small adapter to any computer that you want to transmit to the TV.
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    Surely if you install a cheap smart TV screen you can just use Googlehome to cast to that screen over wifi ? Or use a normal monitor screen with a chromecast plugged into the HDMI

    The Barco solution (they were a client of mine) is great but not cheap.
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    I've found Google Cast and the Windows 10 Project to TV functions to be a little bit flakey and usually cut out at the most inconvenient times.
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    Every video conferencing system I have used allows screen shares. Just l have a cheap machine plugged into a big screen, or you could just have everyone see it on their own screens.
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  6. mattk

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    I'd vote for a Google Chromecast which will allow any PC or smartphone to cast to the screen, for a cheap and easy solution.

    If you then find you need something more sophisticated, then you can upgrade from there.
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    Does the image need to come from any PC during a meeting? Or from just one PC and can be some time later before needing to be connected to another?
    Just thinking the cheapest solution would be the method used to add another monitor. I've one on my desk, I move files onto it when working 2 screen stuff or use it as only screen when using one.
    Just takes a minute to switch that to another monitor - no good for during meetings, fine if I want to show someone something on bigger than laptop screen.
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    My apologies, I'd completely forgotten I'd posted this.

    Ideally there would be no hardware that needs to be moved from PC to PC. Really what they were looking for is to be able to put an image on a large screen for general discussions.

    They use Teams now so the image sharing is possible that way, but that means getting every one to join a meeting to discuss something. Really what they were looking for is for any individual to throw up the image and ask for advice/comments on it.
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  10. gpietersz

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    There are quite a few things that might work.

    1. Use teams (might be easiest as you already use it) or similar. You have a display with a cheap PC and an extra user logs in there and the screen share is viewed there.
    2. Miracast, Chromecast etc.
    3. Use a remote desktop (VNC or similar)
    4. VLC can create a screencast you can watch with a media, possibly even with a web browser. Never had reason to do it though.
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  11. AW-UK

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    Most TV's have screen casting built into them, if not, as others have suggested, install a Chromecast or similar device, it'll connect wirelessly and you just need to find the IP address or hostname if it has one to connect from any machine / tablet etc on the same network, or at least be able to see the network.
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  12. forevergroup

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    If you want to just throw content at a screen with a standalone unit, then Polycom Pano is very cool (not cheap).

    For actually throwing a desktop, there are many solutions about as mentioned above.

    We spotted that one of our clients was hulking a big workstation in to the board room every time they wanted to show a customer a live complex AutoCAD / Inventor project.

    They couldn't do it with just a laptop, because that would mean kitting the design team out with mobile workstations AND additional AutoCAD licenses (Autodesk have improved that now).

    We put in professional LFD and display dock so that they can just connect a regular laptop to the TV instead - and just RDP in to their workstations elsewhere in the building.

    This meant they could take advantage of the full workstation power for the demo and have access to all of their regular files/apps/content without needing to move anything at all.

    Latency/fidelity with RDP and a cable you may find better than wireless solutions too.

    We looked at Teradici, but the 'free' RDP solution worked so well we didn't bother.

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. However, the correct solution to this problem really depends on what content you need to throw - who is throwing it - and where from.
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