Netwise Hosting Publicly Launches New 'London Central' Data Centre

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    February 25th 2016 will see Netwise Hosting publicly launch its brand new state-of-the-art 'London Central' data centre for the first time, following on from its unofficial soft-opening in May 2015.

    LONDON, UK – February 05, 2016 -
    Netwise Hosting has today announced a public-facing launch date for its brand new 'London Central' data centre.

    Thursday 25th February 2016 will see many top industry professionals descend on the firms London Bridge headquarters and flagship colocation facility, celebrating the official launch and for private guided tours of the yet largely unseen data centre. A number of high-profile guests are already expected to be in attendance.

    Although the site has been servicing its existing customer base - as well as a range of key new anchor tenants - since May 2015, the company elected to delay the public launch until the facility had settled with its existing clientele, and all supplementary amenity works were complete.

    Managing Director, Matthew Butt, commented “We were fortunate enough to be able to soft-open this facility in May at around 10% capacity before we even began marketing it properly, which is a position most new data centres do not find themselves in. This meant that we could really take our time on the finishing touches, without the need to rush into a launch plan driven solely by the need to increase revenue. We have created a data centre which puts the customer first, not our bottom line, so we needed things to be spot on for launch time.”

    This is the second facility designed and built entirely in-house by the Netwise Hosting team, the first of which, based in Sutton (Surrey), was decommissioned in March 2014 due to rapid expansion.

    The new data centre has been designed and built modularly, meaning the facility infrastructure can be expanded as demand increases. The facility also boasts a capacity PUE of just 1.12, one of the lowest in London, thanks largely to its innovative evaporative cooling system.

    Netwise Hosting will begin welcoming customers into the new site immediately, with high demand expected post-launch.

    Find out more about this new colocation facility here.

    If you are interested in obtaining an invitation to this exclusive event, please contact the Netwise Hosting team, or visit their EventBrite page to register interest.

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