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Discussion in 'Retail' started by denis19983, Aug 1, 2020.

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    Hi guys we are planning to open a new restaurant which would do mostly neapolitan pizza, the site is in its shell condition with capped services.
    i am going to do the floor and walls by myself, do you guys can you tell me roughly how much is gonna cost the rest? i am not talking about restaurant and kitchen furniture , i am just talking about electricians , plumbing , plasterboard on the ceiling and to fit 2 big glass door.
    the place is 167 sq/M of course you cannot give me the exact prices but at least can you estimate it?

    best regards
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    Sure, just tell us exactly what work is going to be done, where in the country and what components you will pay for.

    Or you could get estimates from the people in the area likely to be doing the work rather than internet version of strangers down the pub.

    I'll give a figure. £100k.
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    How long is a piece of string? £10-30k will be a start.

    I would love to see your business plan.
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    Good business questions seldom revolve around price.

    2 ways for you to approach this:

    1. Sit down and draw a detailed specificiation of your requirements, from floor to ceilings and invite quotes.

    2. Call in a couple of good local firms who can give you guides and pointers to achieve the above.

    Nobody on here can give a sensible figure and unfortunately this sort of naive approach will make you a magnet for rogues.
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