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    There is no special for product export to China, just like China products export to other countries, provide the completed full set of import documents, if no branded products, just say no brand. If you want to re-package in China, just go to the bonded area that controled by Customs. if you want to sell a good price in China, it's better that you own a EU trade mark, print like "Design in **** ", Made in Geogia.
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    Hello again,

    I think the important thing to perform in this type of trade (over another party), is not to make the customs know that the importer/buyer can sell the products in china. But it is to minimise the confusion on the documentary level. (this is what i am after at least)

    Imagine this situation: you are checking the documents related with the import. The owner of the goods are in country A, the packing/producing is done in country B, and the buyer is in country C. Even when exporting/importing the items, when a certificate is needed, it is the seller (in country B) and buyer (in country C) who deal with all of these. For the firm in country A, it is problematic to be seen as a party because the firm is not eligible to apply for any documents. "Firm A" acts as a kind of broker/middleman lets say.

    This is what I am trying to find. So more like; how to make the firm in country A officially seen within this process? Even how to define "Firm A" on the paper ? Noting that the certifications etc with the customs brokers/ some bodies are done directly with the buyer and seller, I dont think theres a way to solve this problem. Or is there an alternative way of doing this ?
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    For what its worth, the only issue regarding the shipping is that any products being exported from a non EU country will probably attract a duty rate upon importation into China that is higher than if the product had been shipped from an EU country. In the logistics industry this used to be known as 'Triangulation' I believe and is now more commonly known as 'Cross-Trade'. Hope this helps.
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    I think this is an interesting info Mike. Its sth to consider when three parties are trading, and even the existance of this term shows that this kind of trade is not unusual. Do you know whether there is a specific kind of document to be provided when 3 parties are involved in the trade?
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