Nectar Card for SMEs?

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland' started by Receet, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Hi, thanks for taking time to read this

    I'm trying to gauge opinions for a business product we have in late stage beta testing, this product brings the same capabilities as Nectar Card to SME's. We operate a rewards program that rewards customers for shopping anywhere, we capture detailed insights into customers's preferences and let our business customers reach out to customers through our smartphone app with very tailored personalised offers and promotions based on this info, just like nectar card or Tesco Clubcard. However, unlike Nectar or Clubcard, we can allow a business to send tailored offers and promotion to the customers of competing venues in their area, as long as these venues are not also members of our service. All loyalty rewards are provided by us, the only expense to the business is a flat monthly subscription. End user's anonymity is protected at all times.

    My questions are;

    Is this an attractive proposition to SME's?

    If so, what would be an acceptable monthly subscription level?
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