My new Smoke Ventilation Consultancy practice...

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    Greetings All.

    I'm John and I've recently taken the step to set up my own consultancy practice in the rather obscure area of Smoke Ventilation Design

    (Moderators, in selecting a 'business area' on registration, there seems to be nothing that really reflect fire engineering consultancy practice?)

    Whilst I'm reasonably expert in my own specialist area, I really know very little about the intracies of accounting (in particular) for a very small limited company, so expect me to be searching and asking Qs! Of course, if anyone wants to ask about fire safety engineering, and smoke ventilation in particular (I'm not holding my breath!) ask away!

    I'm a Member of The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), and Chairman of their Special Interest Group for Smoke Ventilation, I'm also active in the Hackitt Enquiry Industry Response Group Working Group 3 (Fire Engineers) and also the IFE's nominated representative and British Standards Fire Engineer Technical Committee (FSH/25)

    I ride a motorbike and paddle a canoe and walk my (working*) dog

    My company is called Smoke Ventilation Consultancy Ltd. I do have a website (which hasn't been SEO ...yet) but I'm not allowed to post that just yet...

    *her job is to keep me company by sleeping under my desk...she works very hard!
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    Hello Eee,

    Welcome aboard, your future sounds very exciting, best wishes!
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