My Business Can't Survive This Mess - BREXIT

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    There are lot of reasons why fees are different.

    So back in the day, fees were different in France if products were imported from different countries. Even identical products imported from the same country had different fees. E.g. Back when I was working on it, goods imported from the UK associated with Eurotunnel were automatically waved through and were treated differently to anything else from the UK. It's just one example but the rules were a labyrinthine mess of weird agreements. And that was not taking into account cultural and legal differences which meant more delays and fees.

    So when the draft negotiating agreement came out, I took a brief glance at the inspection rules which are simply a disaster for British exporters.

    E.g. Inspections. It's in black and white. British exporters to EU countries are heavily penalised and at a severe disadvantage compared to other countries.

    So the rules are different. Fees are different. It's just a lot more complicated and difficult.
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    Can you give some examples? Does it work both ways?
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