Must-have features for an e-comm site in 2019

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by JJWinst, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. DEFCON1

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    1. Security
    2. Speed - 1 sec page load.
    3. Quick mobile payment methods always high on my list: Apple Pay/Android/Chrome Pay etc.

    I think one of the biggest losses for us in 2018 was abandoned cart.
    Would be interested to know how others may be making up ground for that other than standard/social re-marketing.
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  2. justinaldridge

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    Yes, common issue. Did you see that abandonment was higher for mobile than desktop?
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    Our mobile traffic is around 90% of total anyway. - So, Yes.
    Our overall abandoned rate isn't particularly high, however abandoned cart emails were 'an easy & free win'.
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  4. UKSBD

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    I don't think I have ever bought anything on a mobile, I may look at things but when it comes to buying I will do it from my desktop.

    Your post gave me a bit of inspiration to do a bit of experimenting ;-)
    Have a look at this site on a mobile (or drag your window to mobile size)

    It would need wording and styling better but would be interesting to see if anyone used it (probably wrong sort of site really).

    At the moment it's just at top of pages, but could be positioned near where they are looking at products.

    It not only sends them an email with a link to the page they are on, it also sends me one so I can basically see what page they were on when they emailed.

    Not sure of the legalities of it, would probably have to adapt my terms and privacy to suit.
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  5. justinaldridge

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    I've not tested that particular type of option myself but it would be interesting to know if it gets used.
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    Something that seems to be common across larger sites is the ability to add to basket on the mobile web/app and have the same basket waiting on desktop.

    I have also recently seen a demo from a major physical retailer where a store assistant can help you shop for an item not in stock via a tablet and add it to your personal basket ready for you to checkout when you get home. All it needed was an email address to associate to your account.
    Posted: Feb 4, 2019 By: mattk Member since: Dec 5, 2005
  7. Sparetoolparts

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    I've been using CloudIQ for my cart abandoned emails. Since GDPR hit. Been a good investment recovered over thousands in sales so far
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  8. WebshopMechanic

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    There are so many reasons why a person would abandon a cart so it's a case of ticking as many boxes as possible to combat this.

    Sometimes people just do it to see if they receive a code a few hours later. I think that was something Barclays Bank were actually promoting on TV and radio last year to older, less-savvy shoppers.

    Whilst you can always argue that someone might have been interrupted or 'on a train', ultimately, if they love the product enough, they will make the effort to buy it. But, if they don't trust the site or they are not entirely convinced, they will drop out of the basket.

    You need to make the checkout as 'frictionless' as possible. Small things can really move the needle.

    Some good basket features that I've seen work well are:
    • A checkout that works on mobile (Have you tested?)
    • A checkout that works on all browsers (Have you tested?)
    • Guest checkout (Don't force account creation)
    • Free shipping (obvious one)
    • Express shipping upgrade to next day
    • Free returns (promote that it's risk-free)
    • Show delivery date and time (maybe a countdown to next day delivery)
    • Address look-up (old one but saves hassle)
    • Live chat (Don't make them call)
    • Telephone Number
    • Email address
    • Call me back function (Show you're available and willing)
    • Security Symbols & Logos (Trust signals)
    • Credit card logos (Trust signals)
    • PayPal option (increase basket conversion by 7% so PayPal say)
    • Amazon Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay options
    • Show you have 'No quibble returns' (Reinforce you are trustworthy)
    • Link to returns policy in a new window (This is vital so they don't leave the page)
    • Press logos (Reinforces your credibility)
    • Free surprise gift
    • Basket Abandon Email Series - Once they have left you can try a multi-step re-marketing campaign. Don't just send one email, send two-three. Don't give up and give people a reason to convert, other than just a discount. Reinforce your reviews and speedy delivery.
    There are many other little plugins I've seen, especially on Shopify. Most of them are so forced that they look fake (like the countdown for a discount). You need to be careful that you don't cheapen what you are selling.

    The main focus should be on building trust and a long-term relationship, not trying to secure a quick buck through tricks and hacks.

    For ideas, check out sites like:
    • Net-a-porter
    • ASOS
    • BooHoo
    • Matches Fashion
    These guys use lots of testing data to find ways to secure more orders. They don't just pray and hope for the best.

    I hope this helps.

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  9. DEFCON1

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    Looks interesting but what's the monthly cost? They really don't provide much detail on their website.
    They offer a free trial but don't even mention how long for. The application form is very off putting. Do they simply make the price up on the spot depending on what they think they may get away with?
    Posted: Feb 4, 2019 By: DEFCON1 Member since: May 28, 2016
  10. Sparetoolparts

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    I got a 3 x month trial and was a beta tester so got a great price really worth it

    2 x types available

    Basic package u can't customize

    Full package you can
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  11. evhow90

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    I'd say speed is one of the biggest factors, AMP optimisation for articles.
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  12. fisicx

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    That's not how AMP works. Unless you are a news provider you can safely ignore AMP
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  13. Inva

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    1. Variety of products
    2. Great price
    3. No BS
    4. If you have the above, no one cares about the rest.
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  14. apricot

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    Things that showed difference for us in the last 12 months

    1- Amazon Pay
    2- Trustpilot ( we did have feedback page but it was manually since we moved to Trustpilot, it showed the difference)
    3- Having images on top menu with images (when the mouse over on titles, images changes accordingly - makes sense? that's the one)
    4- Quick Shop option

    I can't really say anything new for 2019 but all these existing options became easier to implement these days
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  15. DontAsk

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    All of those would severely p**s me off. I would not shop on any site that behaved like that.

    How are they even "must haves"?
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  16. NickGrogan

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    @DontAsk that's the point, they will put people off, make them complain on social media and maybe in the press, reduce traffic and so on.

    They'll also give you a unique website that stands out from all the spotify / woocommerce clones that are all doing the exact same thing.

    Resulting in more revenue/profit.

    check out brands like Supreme. Currently worth $500M
    Posted: Mar 5, 2019 By: NickGrogan Member since: Nov 15, 2012
  17. Raw Rob

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    Thanks Nick, that's a fascinating idea! The Supreme website is pretty crazy but somehow I like it... it's getting me thinking about a redesign of my clothing website...
    Posted: Mar 5, 2019 By: Raw Rob Member since: Aug 1, 2009
  18. fisicx

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    Which then means the shop only gets the customers it wants.

    I've seen this work a number of times. There is one store near us that only opens on a Friday. But because the stuff they sell is in high demand and not suitable for online delivery it's always busy on Friday. The owner earns enough in that one day to pay the bills for a whole week.
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  19. SustainableKate

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    I'm working on setting up my e-commerce platfrom at the moment - this was a really useful thread. Lots of great points to make sure I consider.
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  20. Scott2019

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    Lead magnet on the front page to capture e-mail addresses and start a value adding relationship with the customer.
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