Mobile telephony - Working in, out or about. Any recommendations?

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    So, one thing that has come out of quarantine is to get me to consider VoIP again. I have ruled it out in the past because of the voice quality but there's not getting away from the flexibility it offers.

    We are currently working from home with DDI numbers forwarding to our mobiles. If someone calls on the main number we take a message and then email the staff member concerned and ask them to ring back.

    We will all be back in the office in the coming weeks and I now want to look at an alternative to the iSDN 30 that we have currently.

    Some people may work from the office with occasional time at home. I am often out on the road so want calls on my mobile. And from next year I will spend a good part of the year working from a holiday home.

    I saw an ad for and it got me thinking. (I don't like the fact they're not open with their pricing though) but I liked the idea i could have a "linked" phone in my office and my overseas home. Able to transfer and receive calls from the office.

    Can anyone share their experiences and what they have implemented please?
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