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Discussion in 'Website Reviews & Testing' started by menetworkjadaltd, Mar 12, 2019.

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    working on a website for a friend's new business.

    As its so new for them, they don't have much original content, so I made a simple one page, which will evolve over time into a multi page site.

    Your critical eyes are most welcome.

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  2. jasebro

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    First design impressions are that you need to reduce the typography down in size. It's a little too 'in-your-face'. The main column that most of your content sits in is also very narrow, so look to widen that a bit. I think you need to reduce the height of the main image and intro as well.

    Also, the video is pretty cool, and gets across the fun of your product very quickly, and should be higher up the page. Maybe a play button in the top area that a visitor sees as soon as they arrive.

    Content-wise, the page is a little light on text, you need more info in there to gain trust and some kind of social proof in the form of testimonials would be good.
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    Spelling... Every one... not everyone - you're talking about individual people not a group as one... Everyone replaces everybody however in your context it should be All of your guests... therefore every one of your guests...

    There's other little issues by the way. :) this was the first one that gripped me tightly around the neck and choked me out... ;)
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    Looks pretty good....I think it might benefit from some nicer looking Google Fonts for headings?
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    Each "section" of text seems to be a different width and this is quite off-putting when it comes to readability. Your header section is 100% width, then I scroll down and the YouTube video has gaps either side, then I scroll down again and there's an extremely narrow paragraph. I'd suggest making everything 100% width as a start to build a more consistent feel. It'll be easier to work from there.

    Use more bullet points and imagery. In this day and age it's really hard to get results with a "wordy" website so make sure the information is in small bite-sized chunks and there are plenty of visual examples of what you're talking about. These don't all have to be photos, consider using icons, like those found on flaticon.com

    All the best!
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    I liked it!

    That BTW is what a promo video should look like! 43 funky seconds that says it all!

    Make sure that you own the rights to the backing music or that it is rights-free!
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