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    I was interested into breaking into the UK market for medical tourism concierge service. I own a share of a medical tourism business based in the Philippines looking to expand our market into the UK. Currently we have clients coming in from the US and Asia and offer competive comissions (up to 15%) for our sales agents.

    I had a few questions about the UK

    How is the health care system in the UK. Is it overburdened like it is in the US? Are there long waiting lists in some cases?

    After looking at the procedural costs, it seems medical tourism will offer the average person marginal savings (25%) while other procedures will offer close to nothing after you take into account the travel costs. Are people in the UK xenophobic, or are they willing to travel outside of Europe for more value? (I apologise, if I offend anyone, as I'm not too familiar with the UK)

    How hard is it to find sales people that are willing to moonlight as medical tourism agents. Our business model offers a comission based finders fee to sales people bringing us clients?

    Thank you in advance.

    If you wan't more information go to:

    Sorry I can't link but the web site is
    google: Contours Medical Tourism
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