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    Has anyone used Mautic self hosted? I really like it but find it often hangs. This happens when I try and upgrade from the admin area. All comments are appreciated.
    Posted: Jan 11, 2020 By: Ecommerce-Help Member since: Jan 7, 2020
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    Hi there, I might be able to help with the issue you're experiencing (I'm the Community Manager for Mautic's Open Source community).

    If you're finding Mautic hangs, there is likely to be an error in the system logs, you can see those errors by clicking the cog at the top right, and going to System Info > Logs.

    Some people find it may be slow on login if they have lots of widgets on the dashboard (especially if hosting on a shared hosting environment) - so that might be worth looking at.

    For updates it is generally suggested - especially if you are on shared hosting or have low memory limits - to do them via the command line. This is because often hosting providers will set very low limits on the time which a script can process in the browser, and updating can often take longer than this, and time out. This is especially the case with large volumes of leads. This might well be what you are experiencing.

    There's some step-by-step guidance which may help you on the Mautic documentation which you can access via the main website (or google for Mautic update failed). You can also get help via the Mautic community forums.

    Hope that helps address the issue you're experiencing!
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    I subscribed to this thread as I'm interested in possibly using Mautic and was talking about it recently.

    @RCheesley, thank you for replying.

    Seriously?! ;) What about us non-techies who can't tell PuTTY from Blu Tack?

    What level of technical expertise is required to configure and use Mautic? I'm not exactly new to computers - I know advanced stuff like what is the different between a keyboard and a mouse - but I don't have time to get into learning a ton of new material.

    TIA for your reply.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm on a cheap shared hosting account so it may not be powerful enough. I'll look in to it. I'm using a default install with no add ons, widgets or plug-ins. I've tried to update manually but that didn't work either.
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    I have to say though even with the update problem it is a very good system. I've looked at integrating it with Opencart as that would be a really powerful combination. That's not something I could do myself and I've been quoted silly money to have a plug-in written.
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    Great question! When you have a problem with your car, do you go get a Haynes manual, google what the problem might be, buy the parts, take it apart and fix the problem, or do you take it to a garage and have someone who knows what they're doing take a look and fix it in half the time?

    Some folk prefer DIY. Some folk prefer a bit of both - DIY some of the less important stuff, and get the experts in for the mission critical things. Others prefer to completely hand it over to the experts to take care of all the maintenance. I would like to do the DIY and used to in the past, but currently don't have time .. so the garage makes a lot of money from me!

    With Open Source software, Mautic included, it's up to you to decide what model is best for your business both in terms of the technical expertise, and the financial impact (in terms of paying someone else to set up/manage or go with a SAAS option, and in terms of the cost to your business if you do it yourself and something goes wrong!).

    It is entirely possible to self-host Mautic yourself from installation to configuration and daily usage (that's how I started, while running a business and with a basic knowledge of CPanel) but yes, you will need to learn about basic server management/config to do that at any kind of scale and to do it sensibly. You could decide to have someone set it up for you, and then take over the day to day usage which is the approach I see most businesses take - then having someone process any updates in the future.

    You can update via the User Interface on small instances, but as soon as you get to bigger resource demand, you will experience timeouts on shared hosting especially. Hence the suggestion to use command line if that is your situation.

    The community are looking into ways we can address this, but to use the car analogy, a micra is not going to do 0-60 in anywhere near as fast as the latest greatest sports car. The engine simply won't allow that to happen, the car is restricted by the engine that powers it. Same with running Mautic (or any application) on an under-resourced infrastructure.

    Ideally, a small VPS would be a good place to start when hosting Mautic for any kind of scale or production use, but again it comes down to whether you have the technical expertise to set up, secure and manage it, and what you intend to use it for.

    Alternatively, as mentioned, you could get someone to do it for you (a server admin for example should have no trouble at all with setting up, configuring, updating and maintaining Mautic). Or, choose to go with a hosted provider who also offer support and ongoing updates (but of course, that comes with a lot more £££) such as Acquia, Webmekanic or any number of other providers [full disclosure, Acquia is my employer].

    So to answer your question, knowing the difference between a keyboard and a mouse probably isn't going to be quite enough technical skills to get you where you need to be with Mautic if you don't have time/willing to learn some basics (e.g. connect to the server with SSH and run a few commands, backing up files/database). I'd suggest having someone set it up for you, if you don't have the technical skills to do that, and then going from there. Still quite considerably cheaper than a hosted instance with one of the SAAS providers.

    If you want to have a go, you can always set up a sandbox on the hosted platform mautic com /sandbox - you'll get a drip email campaign about using Mautic but it does allow you to "kick the tyres" so to speak.
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    Mautic runs fine on shared hosting, as long as your provider doesn't limit the account resources too much!

    @Clinton we've got a one-click installer for Mautic - happy to help if you need it.
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