Manchester Online Seller Meetup -11th October

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    Our next Manchester Online Seller meetup is on 11th October and it is going to be held at Innospace, The Shed, Chester St, Manchester, M1 5GD

    This meetup is sponsored by Khaoscontrol Cloud

    We will be talking about Amazon, eBay and ERP and there will be an opportunity for you to meet industry experts and other online sellers.

    Topics for the evening are:

    #1 eBay Competitive Intelligence for Online Sellers

    Speaker: Anojan Abel, Shelftrend

    #2 Amazon Tools for Fast Growing Sellers

    Speaker: Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK

    #3 How ERP can help you make key decisions

    Speaker: Jason Thickpenny, Khaoscontrol Cloud

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