MageWorx Launches Affiliate and Partner Programs

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    MageWorx offers prospective partners to generate revenue by referring sales and get the company’s products for their customers at a discounted rate.

    MageWorx.Com, Magento solutions developer, launches 2 programs aimed at recruiting partners interested in reselling the company’s products, as well as companies that help online merchants make the most out of their Magento-based stores. The Affiliate Program lets partners earn commissions by promoting the company’s products and referring sales. The Partner Program allows purchasing large amounts of MageWorx products with a big discount.

    *Affiliate Program*

    The MageWorx Affiliate Program is designed for digital agencies, Magento developers and online marketers, famous niche bloggers, webmasters and anyone who is looking to resell MageWorx software. Each program participant can earn up to 40% commission on each sale.

    The Program is powered by Avantgate, a well-reputed global eCommerce software platform, and managed by the company’s in-house team of affiliate managers.

    “We're hugely excited by the launch of our affiliate offering,” says VItali Dudin, MageWorx CEO. “We love client referrals and we make great partners. Hence, our affiliate program is a wonderful way for a great number of individuals and businesses to spread the best Magento experience—while being compensated generously,” adds Vitali.

    For more details about the program, visit this page:

    *Partner Program*

    The MageWorx Partner Program is designed for software agencies, eCommerce development companies, and everyone who's involved into developing Magento-related solutions and services. The program allows them to get the best-in-class solutions at a discounted rate and use them in implementing clients’ projects.

    There are 3 levels of partnership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level offers certain benefits to Partner Program participants.

    “Our Program provides partners with lots of opportunities to expand their businesses. A key benefit of the MageWorx Partner Program is the ability to gain credibility by partnering with one of the niche leaders. Hence, our partners can differentiate themselves from their competitors via using unparalleled, top-notch Magento solutions,” says the MageWorx CEO.

    For more info on the Partner Program, check the page:
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