Magento is one of the best Ecommerce platforms!

Discussion in 'Websites & Ecommerce' started by designhull, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. designhull

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    We think Magento is one of the best Ecommerce platforms out there. Since the question of Magento's pros and cons comes back over and over, I decided to list the major advantages and disadvantages of using Magento versus other Ecommerce platforms.

    1. Magento is open source. Magento is built on the powerful Zend Framework and the platform uses open source technologies and programming languages. That means a lot of things but for the store owner that means the flexibility of modifying or expanding the platform any way you'd like - as long as you have a good Magento expert team to work with.

    2. Magento has a large community of users, developers, and service providers worldwide. And that community is growing. The platform is evolving all the time and there are countless Magento Templates, extensions, modules, and widgets available out there, both commercial and free.

    3. Magento is a feature rich Ecommerce platform that has built in pretty much all the features you'd expect from a top of the line Ecommerce website, including advanced promotion and marketing tools. Magento also comes with easy integration with great 3rd party services such as Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout, Google Website Optimizer, a variety of payment processing services (including Paypal Express, Paypal Standard, and Paypal Website Payments Pro), and much more!

    Top 3 Magento Cons:

    1. Magento is a complex, intricate platform built on top of the Zend Framework. And it's big! It is programmed based on the MVC approach, and follows best web programming practices. For these reasons and others, Magento is a system that is not easy to work with. What I mean by that is that if you want to customize Magento properly, any request will take a good developer much longer than if you were to work with most other open source platforms. That means that you'd have to have an appropriate budget if you are looking to work with Magento, or else you'll end up with a job poorly done. And Magento is not forgiving! If you don't do things right, you'll end up with more trouble, headache, issues, and overall more time and money down the road!

    2. Good Magento developers are rare! It is one thing to be able to play around Magento - it's another to know the system well and be able to customize it and program on top of it. Good Magento developers are very rare, and it's even more unlikely that you'll find a team that includes good Magento developers, and good Magento designers! Remember that design, client side programming, and server side programming are 3 areas of the web design field that require a completely different set of skills. And it's hard to find them all under one roof - especially when it comes to Magento.

    3. Magento requires a very good hosting environment and store management. Many people complain about Magento's speed performance - but that's only because they aren't working with the proper hosting environment and setup. Unlike simpler systems, such as Wordpress for example which will work great pretty much anywhere, Magento will perform very poorly if the website is not properly hosted and setup. What's that mean? You'll have to pay for a good server, and for a good team to setup your server and manage it.

    If you require any Magento Work, PM me or visit our website for contact information. We have vast amounts of experience with Magento and other platforms.

    Hope this post helped :)
    Design Hull LTD
    [email protected]
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    Posted: Oct 25, 2010 By: designhull Member since: Oct 11, 2010
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  2. TotalWebSolutions

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    We are currently working on a Magento module for our payment gateway as it seems to be one of the most popular carts around at the moment. We should have it available within the next few weeks meaning Magento cart merchants could reduce their processing fees considerably with our EcomMerchant payment gateway.
    Posted: Oct 25, 2010 By: TotalWebSolutions Member since: Sep 29, 2009
  3. Jeff Knows

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    The only problem I have with Magento is the vast difference in their edition pricing.

    Some of the perks you get by going Enterprise or Professional are nice. They are not even close to $3000/year nice let alone $13,000/year. They should sell a kind of build your own edition system, pick and choose what you want and just one off payment for it.
    Posted: Oct 25, 2010 By: Jeff Knows Member since: Oct 25, 2010
  4. FreelanceSoftwareDeveloper

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    What are the 'best programming practices' that make the code harder to work with than other solutions?

    A genuine question, it sounds a bit contradictory. Do you just mean the MVC model? I found Opencart the same, sometimes seemingly simple ideas took a bit more work in an MVC model than they would in Zen Cart for example.

    I've not used Magento yet but everything I read seems to suggest whilst it is feature rich but unless you are using these features it's just a larger and slower system compared to other options.
    Posted: Oct 25, 2010 By: FreelanceSoftwareDeveloper Member since: Sep 14, 2009
  5. Jeff Knows

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    Spot on really. It's essentially enterprise level software but unless you have the server capability, the traffic and the on-staff developers I'd say it's difficult to really make it shine.
    Posted: Oct 25, 2010 By: Jeff Knows Member since: Oct 25, 2010
  6. ms123

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    Just as coin as 2 sides similarly every single entity has pros & cons.
    With help of Magneto designing one can get a good experience of building feature rich application whereas on other hand it is really difficult to build in e-commerce structure if specific magento experts are not there.

    But in short usage of Magneto software definitely helps one go for ecommerce platforms.

    WareHouse Management Systems | Cylinder Tagging
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  7. edmondscommerce

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    I would say its SME level

    You need to have some realistic expectations about the level of expertise required to do things like creating custom modules and custom design themes.

    Unless you are a fully fledged web developer then you won't be able to save money by trying to do those kinds of things yourself.

    On the flip side there are now a huge number of free and paid for extensions for Magento which allow you to push it a very long way without having to go down the custom coding route.

    The hosting costs are not particularly high. I have seen hosts offering very good quality Magento performance for less than £20 per month. No it's not as cheap as the cheapest shared hosting but its not bad.

    I would say Magento is the one to go for if you have the requirement for a package that can do what it can do. There's a lot of scenarios where Magento is the best choice simply because it can accommodate so many different business models with its core functionality possibly with a few extensions.
    Posted: Oct 26, 2010 By: edmondscommerce Member since: Nov 11, 2008
  8. designhull

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    Thanks for the input to my thread guys!
    Posted: Oct 29, 2010 By: designhull Member since: Oct 11, 2010
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