Made in China requirement for supplements?

Discussion in 'International Business' started by jon shepherd, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Hi There
    We are considering launching a supplement that will be made in china and sold in the UK.
    Is there a legal requirement to have "Made in China" in the product for a supplement?

    I can see no mention of this rule on the website
    It says that the address can be the packer or distributor. In which a UK address is sufficient?
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  2. Mike Godwin

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    We import health supplements obo customers and distribute for them. From what I know, the only address on the packaging is the distributors'.
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    Customers will still want to know where the product is coming from...

    From experience, I can tell that IF you plan on selling the product on Amazon, Made in China, in SUPPLEMENTS market is a big negative. Not saying you can't sell it, you can but many people will avoid buying from you knowing that product comes from China.

    This may not be such a huge issue if your brand low cost/budget brand but if you plan on positioning as a premium brand, it will def. be a problem.
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    Even the Chinese don't trust their own supplement brands and buy from other countries. Google milk powers China as an example. How can you guarantee those supplements are save Do you test every batch coming to the UK.
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    Milk powers are good. The power to wee.
    Plus useful for the calcium content of the milk.
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  6. Kunnod

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    This is the rule of international trade. In particular, products supplied by foreign countries for the supply of raw materials and patents in China must be written in the country of origin, in order to enjoy the tariff reduction policy of the importing country.
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  7. China Contract Solver

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    Hi, I checked some China custom regulations on this. On 11 Oct 2017, General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China issued a special note that "Export goods without labeling the origin cannot be cleared ".
    [Assumed Chinese text removed by moderator]

    It mainly reminds the China suppliers they should label the origin of products as the import party's customs will detain the goods if products have been labeled the origin.

    So firstly you have to know clearly if the customs in your country needs the imported products to be labeled the origin. For China customs, there are no mandatory provisions on this. That is to say, if you do not want "Made in China" to be displayed on your items, China suppliers can do it as you said. But if the customs in your country needs products labeled origin, then you have to ask China suppliers label the origin of products.
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