Looking to start a E-Commerce business - 2019

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by metzerbiz, Mar 18, 2019.

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    If you are looking to do your business in Amazon FBA, I would totally recommend it if you know the market well.

    Before start you need to consider key things:

    1) Costs
    a) product cost
    b) monthly Amazon fee
    c) FBA fees
    d) Long storage fees and other fees which Amazon applies depending on the situation

    2) Product
    a) quality
    b) price
    c) usefulness
    d) uniqueness

    3) market knowledge
    a) relevant category and relevant subcategories
    b) competition

    4) know how
    a) submit the products
    b) add the descriptions, bullet points
    c) images
    d) keywords and browse nodes
    e) additional information

    If you are completely new in the market or you had previously tried selling on Amazon but it was like a deep blue sea for you, I would totally recommend turning to the official experts of Amazon which are listed on Amazon Solution Provider Central and can be found on: microappsecommerceconsulting.com
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    You can find all the information about drop shipping, including its pros and cons, in the video How to Start a Drop Shipping Business by Shopify. It really helped me one time in my life and I suppose you will find it useful.
    Posted: May 7, 2019 By: AndrewJhnsn333 Member since: Apr 22, 2019
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