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    I started my project symetium in 2014, it has grown quite a lot since then, I have gotten numerous investment offers, the one most recently was 10 million dollars, he, unfortunately, changed his mind but that he will get back to us in the future if he reconsiders, symetium is a smartphone brand that I started back in 2014 it was meant as a smartphone that could replace a computer similar to what Samsung dex does now, a smartphone company called zenum is interested in sharing resources with us which means we would get their factory contacts this would allow for a bezelless design and a cheaper cost.

    my project requires a 10 million dollar investment a smaller 5 would be enough to get officially started, the facebook page for my project has over 100 000 followers, i have over 5000 people who has signed up for preorder through email the facebook page received numerous messages per day asking how to preorder, the most popular post on Facebook has over 300 000 likes which are more than most Samsung galaxy posts, back in 2015 I ran a crowdfunding campaign for my project it received over $70 000 within the first few days.

    I would like to know where I could go to find investors and if anyone has any advise on the matter, I already have established factory contacts as well as a business plan pdf that I share with investors, everything is ready it's just the investment that's needed.
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