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    Deal & Protit Structure:

    I am offering a return of 50% of profits per week on your investment.

    Investment Information:

    I am in the financial trading business of Currencies, i buy and sell currencies on the Foreign Exchange. Where all the central banks, investment funds, hedge funds, banking institutions and big blue chip companies buy and sell currencies for their daily business and investment purposes.

    I have been doing this now for one year. My highest weeks profit was 41.8%. On a £500k account that would’ve been £209k profit. I have not ended a week in a loss.

    Investment Level:

    Now i am inviting ONE investor to provide £500k that sits in a broker account unspent and withdrawable at any time. I will use this as leverage to generate anywhere between 5-80% profits a week.

    I have a very safe and cautious trading style, I will not over risk your capital, nor will i force trades that result in loss.

    As far as I am aware, any other opportunity like this only offers you a 10% profit return. I am offering a 50/50 split of profits weekly.

    Investment amount: £500,000

    Profit split: 50/50

    Please message me directly on here

    Whomever chooses to go ahead; I will want to create a great relationship of trust and friendship with that person. So please only genuine people apply.

    The ForEx markets can provide huge profits with the correct skill and a big balance... I have the skill, now I’m looking for the balance.
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