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    Hi Guys

    www.247cctv.co.uk is an established business operating since 2003, the site has had many changes over the years but i feel we have lost something not sure what, but bounce rate is currently at 60% which is not great

    we are looking at revamping the site to make it more obvious in what we do although the page tells you what we do we feel not many people will read the text, we want the page to visually explain what we do so its obvious

    any advice to what you would change and why constructive or not
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  2. Nochexman

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    What is the conversion rate?

    Is the 60% bounce rate something new or has it always been the case? Any ideas why it changed?

    Any changes in traffic flow? Are you getting more visitors from a particular source, or less from another?

    Website looks fine. Focus on the numbers.
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    Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it

    Bounce rate used to be around 25%-30% as for traffic we are in a fortunate (or was) where we did not worry about traffic as we were always busy and booking out for a month, however with the economy and other factors we notice demand for some of our services have dropped dramatically, so we are are jumping on this now

    Traffic has not really been great for our industry but its the bounce we are concerned about since the new layout

    We could be focusing on something thats not there but we all here think visually it needs more imagery
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    I would start with adding new measures in place how you consider a bounce rate. How long are those 60% bounce rate actually on your page. If they spend more than 2 minutes on just a single page they might got all the information they already needed.
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    How do you measure how long people stay on your website if they only visit one page?
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    Hi @Mystro

    You may have a 60% bounce rate for a number of reasons. These could be technical or marketing related.

    Firstly, I would look to see if the bounce rate is highest on mobile or desktop. Both should be addressed but you may alienate people on a mobile (when they are researching) before they even get to the point of picking up the phone.

    Your analytics can give you a breakdown on time on the site, bounce rate, no. of pages viewed, actual pages that have been viewed and exit pages. This will tell you what is really going on.

    You should also sign up for Hotjar for a 14 day trial. Hotjar records user sessions so you can actually see how people interact with your website and how far down the page they actually navigate.

    OK, my thoughts:

    I think your messaging is far too weak from the start. You have 2-3 seconds to capture someone's attention and breed confidence with your elevator pitch. If you don't stand out and WOW them in that time, they will leave.

    As a buyer, you're not selling me your credibility or addressing my pain enough. I'm also not sure if you are selling to businesses or residential customers?

    You can sell to both but it's difficult to use the same messaging for both audiences. You really need to break them out.

    - Expert SSAIB-regulated Security Specialists - Kind of ok, but I have no idea what SSAIB is.

    - Approved by insurers and trusted by businesses and homes throughout the UK - It's ok but kinda wishy-washy.

    - The latest technology in security systems - That's a foregone conclusion. I would expect this as standard. Not selling it to me.

    - CCTV Leasing and maintenance for peace of mind - This statement is hardly delivering the wow factor is it?

    I'll be honest, your content is weak and waffly. It's not punchy and doesn't exude confidence. Your images are also uninspiring. They look like stock shots.

    I would have a bet that this is the main reason because I can't see anything obviously wrong with your site.

    You need to think about your buyer (who probably knows absolutely nothing about security systems). You say you do lots of stuff, but they don't really care what you sell. They care about the problem you are solving for them.

    You need to know:

    • What makes them tick?
    • What is their key driver for buying?
    • What are the bad experiences they've had or heard about?
    • What are the risks if they make a bad choice?
    • What do they need to protect?
    • What boxes do they need to tick to commit to a phone call or lead?
    • If they are just browsing, what do they want as a takeaway?

    For example, CCTV. I can get a CCTV system anywhere. I have no idea what is the best system or what isn't. As a buyer (probably the facilities manager of an office) I am not going to research the market to find the best brand.

    I am going to research the market to find the BEST COMPANY who will give me the BEST SERVICE and SUPPORT for my business needs. The tech is secondary.

    So, you need to tailor the messages towards my pains, the boxes I need to tick and to make me trust you.

    So, that would probably be:

    • 25 years of business security expertise - This shows you know what you're doing
    • 10-year warranty on all alarms - This show their investment is safe
    • 24/7 technical support team - This tells them you will hold their hand when they need it
    • Family run business (if you are) - It tells them your reputation is at stake
    • Highest rated burglar alarms in the UK - It tells them you only sell quality
    • Insurance-approved - This validates that you are the company they should be talking to
    • Over 5,000 happy customers - Are these business and residential?

    You do mention some of this but it's all hidden away down the bottom. You have a huge header to use!

    I'd stick the brands you've served in the header as well as 14 years expertise and the 1000+ alarms installed.

    This should also be seen as soon as people land on your site. They already know you sell CCTV and alarms because they searched for you and click on your organic listing or paid ad.

    Think of it like booking a restaurant. You would probably search for a Thai Restaurant and then check out the reviews before you take a detailed look at the menu.

    The key part is to make sure you are the site that they choose to spend time on. Deliver confidence and they will do that.

    Another point I'd make is that you look like 'a company'. People buy into people so I'd make a point of featuring yourself or your team on the homepage.

    Customers want to be able to trust a company from the moment they are introduced to them. By adding a personal touch it shows you're will to put your face in the shop window.

    (I do this on my own site. No, they probably don't want to see my ugly mug BUT it helps them see who I am, see I am not a cheesy salesman who is going to hassle them and it starts a relationship immediately. I also use a direct tone of voice and language that I speak in so they already know what they will get when they talk to me.)

    In short, you need to stand out from your competitors and boring 'the corporate' facade. We live in a busy world and we need to be different. A 'Purple Cow in a field of Holsteins' as Seth Godin says.

    Finally, 95 people in every 100 will leave without enquiring or buying anything. That means you've lost the opportunity to keep the conversation going.

    So, you should be encouraging people to give you an email address so you can build a relationship with them. I don't mean an enquiry either because some people may not be ready to buy for 6 months but are researching.

    My advice would be to create something of value that they can get for FREE and they will give you an email address in return.

    For example:
    • The Ultimate guide to office Premises Security
    • 50 Ways to protect you home from burglars
    • 10 Ways thieves break into your business
    • 20 Anti-theft products for your home
    In short, don't try to sell. Just be useful, add value, be transparent and trustworthy.

    I hope all that makes sense and helps?

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  7. saythisinstead.co.uk

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    Make the intangible...tangible...


    Show some cctv footage of how your system managed to get a thief arrested, prevented a fire,...or whatever way your systems brings a 'real' benefit to the end user.

    Your site is just......really sorry about this....BORING
    Posted: Oct 10, 2019 By: saythisinstead.co.uk Member since: Nov 30, 2017