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Discussion in 'International Business' started by Carla Uruguay, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Hello everybody! I am an uruguayan young woman, living in the UK, have worked in tourism for the last decade but now want to start my own business.
    I want to have a wine importer especialized in Uruguayan fine wines, which at the moment have very little presence in the UK market, as Uruguayan vignards are very small and can not afford individually the promotion.
    There is a strategic plan from the Uruguayan Government to help the vignards to boost exports in 5 main markets, UK is one of them.
    I am in contact with some of the vignards who are already exporting, and have lots of contacts with Goverment and different people from the wine industry in Uruguay. Product is aiming to premium sector.
    I am working in my business plan to present to the different bodies involved, and in particular to present to the Uruguayan vignards coming to the Wine London Fair in May.
    I am looking for a business partner with experience in the wine industry in the UK to speed up the process (not particulary looking for money but experience).
    Great challenge, if done right could be big money.
    If your are o know the right person please contact me asap!!
    Thank you all
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