Looking for an affordable and flexible exhibition centre in London

Discussion in 'Events' started by helmuc, Oct 28, 2016.

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    We are planning to run a 2 or 3-day b2b exhibition in London next December for the adult industry, and it appears that it is quite difficult to find a venue place that can be transformed into an exhibition when trying to combine:
    a) nature of the event (18+), even if it is b2b event
    b) affordable price of food and drinks (we want to provide free food and drinks)
    c) flexibility in the time when the 1st deposit has to be paid

    At the moment we contacted Olympia, O2 (have received a rejection), Excell, Alexandra Palace and Tobacco Dock. We got quite near to Old Billingsgate and yesterday got a rejection from them as well.

    The question is - do you know any other rather large places or exhibition halls/centres that could be open for 18+ events and can fit in 1000-2000 people?

    Do we have anybody here that has run exhibitions before?

    thank you for your time,
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