looking for a sponsorship for an amateur football club I run in Glasgow

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am writing this thread on behalf of my Sunday amateur football club Castlemilk East AFC. We play in the Sunday Central AFL, the biggest SFA affiliated Sunday amateur league in Scotland.

    As we approach our fourth year as a club, we require sponsorship donations in order for us to replace much needed kit and equipment. Until now we have managed to continue without outside funding, but our original kit and equipment are becoming rather old and worn.

    We would ask that your company can help us in any way possible, no donation too small, and no donation will go unnoticed. In return for any help you may be able to provide we would provide your company with advertising through various different means.

    We could include your company logo on any items of kit that we purchase, which would be on show during every match throughout Glasgow, or travelling to and from matches.

    We have a Facebook page with over 1700 friends. On this we would include your company logo in our main timeline image. We would make an initial post on our page to describe the sponsorship affiliation between our club and your company. We would make regular posts with any flyers or other images that would benefit, to describe your business and its purpose and any special offers you may be running. With every post we would include links to your website, email address, phone number, etc.

    We also have a Twitter account with over 350 followers, increasing daily. We would tweet regularly on this also with links to your company site, etc.

    I am a member on the Scottish Amateur Football Forum, which has ober 10,000 members representing over 3000 amateur football clubs in Scotland. I would make posts on this also, like the ones stated above, again with links etc to your company website.

    I attend a monthly league meeting, where representatives of 54 clubs are present. At these meetings I could hand out flyers or business cards, etc to promote your company further.

    I hope you can find some way to help our club and ensure we have the adequate kits and equipment to continue running efficiently for many seasons to come.

    I look forward to reading your replies.

    Manager / Secretary
    Castlemilk East AFC
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