Looking For a Self-Employed Oven Cleaner in Hants/Surrey Area

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    My wife is about to launch a new cleaning business in the Hants/Surrey border area (near Aldershot). This business is offering a range of unique cleaning solutions and we have invested heavily in developing a superb brand, website, booking system and online marketing strategy (considering marketing is my profession, it should be good).

    We wish to offer oven cleaning as one of our services but we don't want to facilitate the service ourselves so we're looking for a local, self-employed oven cleaner (non-franchise operator)who would be willing to take on our bookings in return for us taking a small commission on each job. The only caveat is that we need the contractor to operate under our business name so the customers don't get confused when they book one company and another one turns-up to clean their oven.

    We genuinely convinced that the potential for our business is huge so it could be a great starting place to really boost/develop your business without any marketing investment on your part.

    If you are interested in working with us or finding out more, please get in touch.
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