Looking for 1-2 other small businesses to share office space

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    Hi, the landlord at my current office space (30 sq m independent unit) is planning to re-develop starting later this year (Sep-Oct'20) so I'm looking for alternatives starting later this year.

    Last year I rented a couple of large desks at an organised shared work space, but that has been closed for 3 months during the lock down so I don't want to go down that route again. I got lucky with an independent space early this year so have had access through the lock down. Also though I'm generally tidy, I like the ability to make a bit of a mess. For instance my flat's too small so I fix my bicycle at the office and leave my tools / stand there, which wouldn't be acceptable at most shared work spaces.

    So reaching out to small businesses / sole traders in SW8 London +/- 2 km looking to share office space / overheads / ideas starting this autumn. Ideally looking for < 60 sq m and <= 5 people in total.
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