Londoners Are The Unhappiest Workers In The Uk

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    Workers in the capital city are the most unhappy with their current job and think about trying to find another role at least once a day whilst workers in the South West of England are the happiest in their work according to research from the UK’s first independent recruitment agency scoring website.

    Research from the UK’s largest independent recruitment-agency scoring company has revealed that workers in the London region are the unhappiest employees across the entire UK. found 74% of London based workers said that they think about trying to find a new job at least once a day. In direct contrast, in line with its leafy surroundings, workers in the South West say that they are the happiest in their work with only 11% saying that they were unhappy and 52% saying that they never look for other jobs.

    Just under 1700 people took part in the survey and by looking at the amount of people who said that they thought about trying to find a new job once a day every day, HireScores was able to draw up a league table that charts the unhappiest working regions in the UK.

    The league table below shows the unhappiest region at the top and the happiest towards the bottom.

    1.London – 74%
    2.South East – 69%
    3.NI – 51%
    4.North East – 48%
    5.Midlands – 36%
    6.Wales – 32%
    7.North West – 27%
    8.Scotland – 18%
    9.South West – 11%

    In addition, when asked the question; “What would be your manager’s response to you leaving your job”, 37% said that they thought their manager would try to find out why they were leaving and 29% said that they thought their manager would be offended.

    Furthermore, 21% of respondents thought that the manager may start organising a party to celebrate them leaving and just over 10% said that their manager would try to find a way to keep them in the role.

    Speaking about the research the Managing Director of HireScores, Lisette Howlett said,

    “Despite its pockets of wealthy areas and high paying jobs it looks as though London is a place where the majority of workers are actually unhappy with their current employment and this may be due to a combination of factors such as the high cost of living, potential poor work life balance and current uncertainty about jobs due to the sudden financial downturn”.

    “The South West is famous for having an allegedly more relaxed way of life and this is evident from the research. We found that workers were, on the whole, much more positive about their current employer and were not always looking round for a better job”

    She continued, “We commissioned the research in an effort to find the regions we should be targeting when it came to helping potential job hunters find the best agencies to work with and I admit to being quite surprised to see London at the top of the table when it came to being unhappy at work”.

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    Great stuff! Well done guys.
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    "most unhappiest"? *wags finger* :D

    Interesting stats though. I wonder if London/SE has a higher proportion of people in golden handcuffs? As in, hate the job and want to move on, but the wages or other financial benefits wouldn't be matched elsewhere?
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    Very interesting stats, thanks for sharing.
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    Did a survey many years ago which found that a persons job satisfaction was more directly dictated by their immediate boss than anything else. All other factor ( salary, location etc..) could be positive, but if the boss was poor then the overall satisfaction rating was negative.

    As a general rule, the English make terrible managers , its a culture issue.

    on the other hand.

    ( Altogether now )

    Maybe it's because I'm a ................ :)
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    <controversial comment>
    .... southern shandy
    </controversial comment>

    only joshing, could not resist... off to get the tin hat before Duane spots this.

    P.s. thanks to everyone for the kind comments.
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    This is so true.. get on any tube on a weekday morning and everyone looks so unhappy!! and especially so when the local school decides to have a trip in your carriage and your stuck in a tunnel for 20 minutes.. prozac anyone? lol
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    I agree. been in London for 15 years now. Crime is too high and London is too expensive... where are the fields?
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    And another thing... too many people and badly managed machines.
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