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Discussion in 'Website Reviews & Testing' started by Its4john, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Yesterday I posted our website for testing and got some excellent suggestions.

    One poster mentioned the site was slow to load.

    Two weeks ago our web people supposedly put the website onto a faster server, but I’ve suspected myself that it seems slower lately. My web people don’t agree.

    Could Y’all have a look and see what you think ?

    Also I’m in an argument with them about something else.

    On a mobile I go to website and the home page text can be expanded as normal with two fingers.
    If I save the site to my home screen, then open from there, I am unable to expand text.
    I’ve tried this on three phones but if you could have a try it would give me more ammo if you see the same problem.

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  2. UKSBD

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    It was fine for me, cart was a little slow, not too bad though and the rest was fine

    One problem
    I looked on a mobile and got the mobile version but then clicked on the "View Desktop Site" link and struggled to get back to the mobile version.
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  3. TomJ83

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    According to gtmetrix (a tool you can use to measure how fast your website loads) it takes between 6-7 seconds to load your website. On my browser your website loads relatively fast. If you look up your site on gtmetrix you will get suggestions on how to improve your page speed. For example you could consider optimizing your images before uploading them on your website.
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  4. fisicx

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    https://tools.pingdom.com/ - 1.7 seconds 1.5Mb homepage (from Sweden)
    https://gtmetrix.com/reports/ - 6.2 seconds 1.7Mb homepage (from Toronto)
    https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ - 67/100 on mobile 72/100 on desktop

    It's taking up to 2 seconds to get to the server and you are using hotjar which is being a bit tardy. And there are some issues with some of your images and whole loads of scripts and styles.

    Moving to a new server makes little difference if the site is the problem.
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  5. AllUpHere

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    Worrying about load times for your current site is like worrying about the time it takes to be served in a restaurant in which the food is terrible.
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  6. Its4john

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    Thanks everyone
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  7. TotalWebSolutions

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    6-7 seconds to fully load the homepage for me... Subsequent pages around the same

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    Hahaha that made me laugh!
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