Limited100 Creates Vicki Butler-Henderson’s Dream Automotive Wall Art

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    We are extremely proud to announce that Limited100 has commissioned a one-off bespoke print for Vicki Butler-Henderson of Vicki's all-time favourite car, titled 'Lamborghini Diablo GT', digitally-drawn by hand over nearly 30 hours by award-winning photographer Paul Ward, then handcrafted from sustainable, museum-quality materials in our Nottingham print shop.

    Nottingham-based petrolhead Simon Wright launched Limited100 - an online store selling made-to-order limited run automotive prints during the early stages of lockdown. Since the beginning, his focus has been on expanding the range and networking with the biggest names in the car business, to spread the word and support some of the UK’s leading automotive photographers.

    Simon added: “For any start-up business it's important in the early stages to at least ‘be known’. Naturally, engaging with key automotive influencers was always going to be a key focus. Having got in touch with Vicki Butler-Henderson back in October, I was delighted to receive a call from her. Having watched Vicki on Top Gear and Fifth Gear from a young age, and more recently The Car Years and the Auto Express Podcast, it all felt a bit surreal. I was keen to find a way that we could work with Vicki. The problem was, we didn’t have Vicki’s dream car listed on our site! Namely, a yellow Lamborghini Diablo GT.

    “Being the motoring icon Vicki is, we were only too happy to oblige and thankfully, Paul Ward, our Founding Photographer, rose to the challenge, creating a bespoke one-off commission for Vicki from his studio, an artistic rendering of the Lamborghini Diablo GT, which took him nearly 30 hours to create.”


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