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    Does anybody know if a private educational entity needs a license? Teaching some lessons over weekends, not full time education.
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    What do you mean by a licence?

    If you are teaching vulnerable adults or children you will need a DRB check.

    Any parent with any sense would also expect you to have a proper teaching qualification.
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    Thanks for the info. I was just wondering how those people who give private tuitions such as piano, foreign languages, etc. It seems no regulation applies to them.
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    These people don't have a 'licence' because there isn't one. The DBS is vital, but unless you wish to offer public examinations, or need to register as a training provider capable of receiving public money, and therefore coming under the spotlight of OFSTED you just offer the courses and teach them. You won't be able to run a BTEC course, or put people in for GCSEs = that kind of thing, but I guess that's not what you want. You don't need qualifications and you just need a reputation. Private tutors, if they're terrible, don't hang around for long!

    You were not able to do a check on yourself for quite a while, but you can now get a basic check done for £25, but this on ly reveals your police record, which off course you already know. The trouble with teaching is you have unsupervised one to one contact with vulnerable children and adults - this requires an enhanced check - BUT - this cannot be done by you, you need to get one done by a third party - probably cost you around £75ish? This is the standard for a proper teacher.

    Childcare is different - and people who do this need to register with OFCOM, music or sports or dance doesn't require this at all.

    The usual hurdle is parents. If you can prove you are respectable and have a clean history, they usually just hand the kids over. Believe it or not, convicted sex-offenders can still teach kids, as long as the child is with a parent/guardian/responsible person. I even know of convicted people like this who 'forgot' and had unsupervised one to one teaching sessions. They got a ticking off and were allowed to continue.

    The DBS doesn't prove much really, but parents accept it.

    The unwritten rule is that a teacher really needs to be qualified, or at an equivalent level two steps above the student, based on the course content and place on the scale. Music grades, for example around Grade 5 are broadly equivalent to the official Level 2 Standard - so Grade 8 is above A Level standard, probably HND/Foundation Degree equivalent.

    If this applies to you - get on and teach it. Worthwhile add-ons could be insurance - but your own standard and a DBS 'stifficate' would convince most people of your worth. It's only when you wish to teach to a higher standard that conventional teacher training comes in - CertEd/PGCE for access to being a 'proper' teacher, or the various C&G qualifications for teaching at a slightly lower level.
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