Legend to Revolutionize Athletic Performance Starting with Legend Loop Armband

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Legend Loop Armband is a lightweight, secure, custom designed armband designed to help you run further, faster.

Hong Kong – November 2015 – It’s believed to be the thinnest, lightest and fastest running armband in the world. It's also a secure, custom designed armband that lets you keep your smartphone close while you exercise. Today is the launch of the Kickstarter campaign behind Legend Loop Armband by Legend Technologies.

“Thin, light and fast, it feels almost invisible on your arm. The water-resistant pocket protects your smartphone from moisture whilst being highly-sensitive to your touch.”, says founder of Legend, Alexander MacGregor. “It’s designed to include the features you need so you can enjoy your run or workout with your smartphone and the universal closure will just fit whatever size your arm.”

The Legend team began working on Legend Loop Armband in January 2015. Founder Alexander MacGregor, after moving to Hong Kong for graduate school and travel, became inspired to run again after a long hiatus. Whilst studying, he discovered the book "Inside Sport Psychology" by professors Costas Karageorghis and Peter Terry. The concept in the book of how audio promotes athletic performance and our desire to help people become better athletes led to the creation of the company.

Legend Loop Armband product inspiration was a simple pear wrapper sold at wet markets in Hong Kong. The company manufactured dozens of prototypes from original designs by industrial designer Jeabyun Yeon. Thereafter the team collectively ran over 1,500 km in beautiful Hong Kong testing the final prototype unit.

Alexander MacGregor also added referencing the campaign video, “The armband that you see in the video and pictures is a real, working prototype. We want to use the funds from our crowdfunding campaign to bring the product to market.”

To learn more about the armband visit www.legendwearable.comor follow Legend on social media to follow the Kickstarter campaign and future product releases.

About Legend

Legend is a group of people whose mission is to contribute to the world by making things for the human body and to advance humankind. Fashion and Fitness together with Technology is in our DNA and it’s where we do our best work. Our first product, Legend Loop Armband, is a running armband designed to help you run further, faster.

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