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Discussion in 'Time Out' started by ImproveSearchListings, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    We recently employed the services of a local company to build and install some galvanised steel fencing.

    This started in November, when we recieved our first visit to measure up.

    The guy asked if we wanted to put it through the books or keep it off - saving the VAT.

    I know we shouldn't have done, but we chose the VAT free option for £800.

    A few days later he called around and we gave him a £200 deposit.

    He then went on holiday for a week.

    We called when he was supposed to be back and after a few days of being fobbed off we knew something was wrong.

    He then called and said he'd been sacked and gave us our £200 back.

    The company called a few days later (as we'd been chasing them) and asked if we still wanted the work done.

    We agreed as long as they could match the price and get it installed within 2 weeks.

    This was mid-late November. We finally got the fence installed last week and paid the full £800 to the workers.

    A few days later we have another call saying we've only paid £800 and we were supposed to pay £1400.

    they also say there is a note on the guys (the one who originally called round) desk with my girlfriends name and £1000 on it.

    We know they're trying to pull a fast one as the figure keeps changing and the original quote wouldn't have had my girlfriends name on as I'd dealt with the quote at the beginning.

    If they start becoming aggressive about this is there anything we can do?

    Clearly I'm a little put-out by the actions of this company and can count myself a little lucky with regards the honesty of the guy who got sacked.

    Apologies for the long spiel, but I felt it was all relevant.

    Thanks fellow UKBFers,

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  2. Geoff T

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    Ask for a copy of the note - and anything else - they are relying on...

    Any record of the call from the company when they agreed to the same price?

    I reckon you're on a hiding to nowt here - how can a company put a dodgy deal through the books at the same price? Dodgy ground all over...

    If the sacked guy WAS honest then he: a) wouldn't have put a job under the radar; b) have got sacked (on the assumption that the two are linked...theft is theft) You were just lucky to get the £200 back...

    Bottom've got a job done...agree an amount - and pay them!

    I'd say if it's a fair price - pay it...and stop mucking about
    Posted: Jan 27, 2010 By: Geoff T Member since: Apr 30, 2009
  3. Drill Masters

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    I think your best option will be to get another quote as if they wee carrying out the job. this will help you gauge what the real cost should be. From there you can speak to the original company and settle on amount. Tell them you are prepared to speak to the HMRC as it sounds like this is common practive to them. Especially as you paid the guys in cash once they completed. No invoice??

    Posted: Jan 28, 2010 By: Drill Masters Member since: Jul 14, 2008
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