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Discussion in 'Green Business' started by Rhyl Lightworks, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. SavinLight

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    LED lights are so advanced now days. New products are launching day by day. LED floodlight is one of them and it is energy efficient option. So buying them is a worthy decision. Isn't it?
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    Posted: Sep 25, 2013 By: SavinLight Member since: Jan 24, 2013
  2. paulears

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    I run a theatre - my company put productions on, and we use lots of LED lighting. Over the winter, the 500W linear floodlight we use for work light, and for the cleaners had been replaced by LED versions.

    Cost savings are negligible as they are on for 2 or three hours every production day, and that's perhaps 70 days a year. New lamps for the old one were £3.20 each, and they lasted ages.

    The new ones do not have the beam spread or punch to light the same area the old tungstens did, and the only solution I have is to now light the same area with theatre lights - 2 X 2KW units, using halogen, quite low hours lamps that cost lots. That's progress!

    LED is still not cheap enough, or bright enough, or has equivalent performance to the units they are attempting to replace. I'm buying more and more LED kit for new purposes, but as like for like replacements, they're just not there yet.
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  3. SavinLight

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    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. There are few things to consider before reaching to any conclusion i.e. they saves some energy at least which is better than other lighting sources, the designs are more elegant and they are Eco-friendly options along with full brightness. The only thing you can say that it is bit costly to install led lights but if you think about long term then they will surely return your cost.

    If still there is some point left, I am open to discuss. So please share your feedback.

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  4. paulears

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    I'm happy with energy saving, but I am not happy with the technical performance. UK TV have had to design a new testing system for colour rendition, because the old one simply doesn't work reliably for LED. Many light sources require as close to point source (as in a filament) for correct operation. A cluster of LEDs just doesn't cut it yet. For display lighting, then I'm sold - but for a direct replacement, like for like - they are still not up to it.
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  5. squeekwheel

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    I've found out that LEDs for the decking lights can be very different in the terms of the light output so you might want to double check that otherwise your decking might look like an airport runway - go for a subtle pretty low light output ones.
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  6. SavinLight

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    LED is latest technology in lighting era and it might be the problem that it is not compatible with your old devices but don't worry as LED technology is improving day by day and the issues will be resolved very soon.
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  7. SavinLight

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    LED Decking lights are totally different from traditional lighting resources. I must suggest you to try it yourself and see the difference.
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  8. paulears

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    I do not wish to buy products that change this quickly. If you need a replacement, or a second unit, it is VERY annoying to have to replace 4 units, because you need 1! This is what is happening at the moment - shelf life is measured in weeks, so specifying LED in a job means providing spares at the point of sale, because they are not available in a couple of months!±
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  9. OlegLola

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    By the way, our company developed free android app LED Flashlight for Android. I would appreciate if you'll review it. It utilizes the LED flash of device's camera to work in the flashlight mode or the blinking mode.

    Check it on Google Play
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  10. Con-rad

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    LED is good source of light and saves energy. Is it straight replacement for conventional lights? Yes it is. So why some of customers are not fully satisfied with them? There are several factors, which have to be considered before you go for LED. First and for most - do you really need them? All this saving energy talking - in terms of lights (unless of course your have massive warehouses or factory and use 1000 Watt discharge flood lights on 24 hours run) is minority on you energy bill. When you put on your kettle or run microwave in the staff room - this is what has major impact on your final bill. I'm not saying to ban kettles. All I am saying that to achieve considerable proper level of savings on energy bill you have to consider many factors before making decission on how to save energy and where invest to improve energy consumption. This includes the price of LED's themself as they are not cheap and to achieve the same level of light as traditional flood light of fluorescent light is able to produce you have to face an option of more expensive lamps
    with higher wattage LED replacements.
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  11. Conglomer Group

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    Hello Everybody,
    What if i say..

    LEDs are currently more expensive, price per lumen, on an initial capital cost basis, than more conventional lighting technologies. However, when considering the total cost of ownership (including energy and maintenance costs), LEDs far surpass incandescent or halogen sources and begin to threaten compact fluorescent lamps.

    • LEDs must be supplied with the correct voltage
    • Over-driving the LED or not engineering the product to manage heat in high ambient temperatures may result in overheating of the LED package, eventually leading to device failure.
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  12. paulears

    paulears UKBF Big Shot Full Member

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    That of course is the manufacturer's and distributor's view, but the reality is the by the time the recoupment period has passed, you are left with a substantially inferior product that is impossible to re-source (as in you need more of the same) or repair (as in the damn things have failed completely or in part).
    Shelf life is tiny - my own kitchen for example has colour changing LED fixtures that light the ceiling. They are now two years old and 50% are faulty in one way or another - electricity savings have not even made a dent in the purchase cost, and to fix the problem, I will need to fe-fit the entire system and start again.

    I'm confused about your final two statements. Rather obvious from an electronics point of view - and the thermal issues are not that much different from the wattage maximum labels put on lighting fixtures for years - go brighter, and they fail quicker.

    LED is simply a new technology being sold as energy efficient and green. I'm a happy professional LED user, but they are not always replacements for older device, in the main - they're just new useful products.
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  13. MikeDover

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    I am new here, so don't know if I posting this is the right thread. If wrong, please tell me where to go :)

    However, I am in the process of carrying out 1st fix at a large domestic property.
    LED lighting has been specified throughout by the architect. The lights specified are LEDs down light fitting with driver which are approximately £60 each. Following discussions with the homeowner they are keen for me to find a cheaper alternative. I found the website any-lamp.com and was wondering if anybody has any experiences with them?
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  14. Rhyl Lightworks

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    The original post is over 6 years old now. LED lighting has come a long way since then, and anyone that does not buy it must be mad! Light bulbs are more expensive but the savings on electricity used and the longevity of the bulb make them very economical. People are just going to have to get used to paying more for light bulbs to get savings in the long run.
    Posted: Aug 27, 2014 By: Rhyl Lightworks Member since: Aug 16, 2006
  15. paulears

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    Well - I'm now using LED kit in my stage work, and have largely changed my tune, but a whole load of new issues are rising up and they are pretty important.

    Light output is up - big time, so that issue has gone away. Shelf-life is down, and I started buying one new model in November for my hire stock and sales. A client called me this week wanting two more - (£750 each) and I had to tell him they were no more, the Chinese factory having moved on to a new model that does more things, but is not a direct swap, needing re-programming of the control equipment. If a client buys a product, we've always expected it to be available a fair while, and progress is too rapid for this. It's feasible that in a domestic situation a product specified before first fix may be unavailable by the date they're ordered. This also impacts on repairs. If you install a high tech system, and one fails - have you budgeted for spares to sit on the shelf for years. If one of these clever fixtures fails, will the householder replace an entire rooms worth, and pay for controller tweaks to make a different unit work? This is a bit scary.
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  16. Festoon Lighting

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    LED Lighting can cost more to install but has savings of around 60% and can last for around 50,000 hours, around 5 times longer than traditional lighting.
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  17. paulears

    paulears UKBF Big Shot Full Member

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    and can be obsolete before the house is even moved into. One I was in yesterday had some lovely, expensive LED fixtures, and the owner had asked for more of the same in the room next door, and when they arrived, they are a different white - LEDs from a different batch in the factory. So all is well until one fails, when his spares will only match half the house. The savings in a typical house will never recover the outlay. 50,000 hours is the LED MTBF figure that is calculated, not measured. While the LEDs themselves are reliable, the other components frequently break down. Some I am looking at as I type have already failed - 3 failures in 20 fixtures installed 3 years ago. That's not very good reliability - and I can only replace ALL of them, if I want to match them with the new ones, which are brighter and a different colour. LED is currently 5 times at least more expensive, often 10 times more, and lifespan much, much lower than the 50,000 hours always quoted.
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  18. daei007

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    Yeah,led is getting more and more popular,it is evengy saving,most of all
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  19. daei007

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    As i know ,there are many decent designs for led lights ,like 15mm 25mm 30mm cut led downlights
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  20. paulears

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    I came across this old topic, and was amazed by what I wrote, just a couple of years ago. The same theatre stage is now lit principally by LED light - bucket loads of it and it's never been brighter. In fact, the latest LEDs are so bright we have to pull them back to let the older kit do it's job. The savings in replacement lamps is also enormous. I'm eating my words in just two years. They're also NOT premium band cutting edge lights - just normally available sensible priced ones. Fair enough, I'm buying theatre style LEDs, but you can bet the actual light sources are in loads of the everyday products now.

    If you, like me, rejected LED more than two years ago - it could be worth a revisit?
    Posted: Jun 5, 2016 By: paulears Member since: Jan 7, 2015
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