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    I sell LED lighting, through agents to commercial entities, and I can say in the last year that yes it does work, BUT there are pitfalls......

    Is there a benefit to the specific user.

    LED lighting when used correctly will save you money. Will it save you money over and above the initial outlay? That depends on how often that particular light is used. For instance LED lighting in a convenience shop, that is open 7 days a week for nearly 18 hours a day, will become 'cash positive' in around 10 months. I look at the usage. If it totals less than 2000 hours a year, then I would use caution and suggest that the customer re evaluates their position at a later stage or renews only what is failing at the time.

    Comparable pricing of product

    Price is a very sensitive issue, and with price comes the word 'quality'. There is a lot of tat out there in the market, some of it is absolutely terrible. Some if it isn't too bad, but then you have to look at the major players in the market; Philips sell a GU10 6W LED dimmable light bulb, which produces the same amount of the light as a 50w halogen light, but it sells for £25.00. There is a reason why it's £25.00, and not £6.00. (Our version sells for £20.00, and out performs the Philips unit. We do not compete on the basis of price, but rather quality and longevity.)

    Quality product

    The degree of quality is very wide and is very difficult to identify. For instance, in my early days of sourcing product, I was approached by a company that was willing to supply me with LED lighting for a very good price, but would not be willing to supply a CE certificate on the product, however the product would be stamped with CE approval. And I know that this company operates in the UK.

    The type of light.....

    This is probably the most important element. If you have a tube light in an office environment producing a colour temperature of say 5000k, replacing it with a tube light which is different is obviously going to have a negative impact. People tend to go with the highest possible colour temperature that they can get, only realising afterwards, that the colour of lighting is not what they expected, giving them a negative experience of LED.

    Are prices coming down..Yes, but that shouldn't be a barrier to entry. Raw material costs do keep rising and its the bottom end of the market that will react more than the higher end.

    Guarantee periods

    There are many suppliers in this country offering outlandish warranties. These do need to taken with a pinch of salt. How many of these companies are going to be in business in 3 years time? I go to China on a regular basis, and am astounded by the number of factories that go bust and phoenix themselves the next day. (It is extremely difficult to send goods back to China.)

    The overall answer to your question is yes, as the benefits far outweigh the cons, and if you get a good supplier (like me:D), then it can be an attractive proposition to a commercial business.

    Besides...Where else can you go and replace all of your lighting without a negative effect to the company cash flow?

    I have supplied many companies that can provide testimonials to the positive effects that LED has had to their business.


    Office building

    LED lighting supply and installation cost £10,000.00
    Financed over three years with no upfront cost to the business, with repayments being made out of the savings achieved. (Neutral/Positive cash flow).
    Favourable tax breaks for switching over to LED, via Corporation tax allowance breaks.

    This example would allow the company to complete its finance obligations in the 2 year, and gain a financial advantage for a further 3 years minimum.

    My goodness. I haven't even touched on the health benefits!
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    I have locked this thread as it seems only spammers post to it
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