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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland' started by AaronPollock, Nov 13, 2008.

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    We have only recently advertised in the local shopper magazine (there may be one in your area). They cover most of NI in set regions. We have only had a dozen or so responses yet from the first magazine, but the nature of our business relies either on it snowing or people being pro-active in buying winter products.

    This year has been extremely busy with business customers getting prepared for a bitter winter but the residential customers normally wait until the last minute.

    Hopefully our advertising will prick their memories of how last year and spur them into preparation. I'll post again to let you know how the localshopper has worked for us.


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    Please check out our website for more information and contact details for our services. Kerrie, we wil have a scheduled drop in that area so can offer good rates.
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    I have been reading this forum for a while and have paid particular interest to this thread as I have recently started my own business as a leaflet distribution company. I am an ex postman and my employees are the same, we pass on our skills learnt as postmen to the delivery of leaflets, we make sure that every single leaflet you pay for gets delivered, we offer solus delivery only, we wear uniform and take care to shut gates and ensure that the leaflets are delivered in A1 condition. We charge a fair price for a job well done.
    I have seen members say that a fair price would be £15 per 1000 leaflets delivered. I don't know how any company can charge £15 per 1000 for solus leaflet delivery this would mean that you would be paying your staff less than £4 per hour to deliver them.
    If you need leaflets delivered (posted through letterboxes not stuffed into garden gates, left on pathways etc) then give me a pm, but expect to pay a fair price, but for that you will be guaranteed a very good job and all of your leaflets delivered.
    my website is leaflet-post-uk.co.uk
    I built it myself so your comments on it would be appreciated
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    I used to work for printing.com in belfast and from time to time we'd get clients if provided a leaflet distribution service.

    We recommended they contact a local newspaper/mail distributor directly and
    avail of their services.
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    Just setting up a mail targeting team in Belfast, kean rates for targeted delivery in the greater Belfast area, could double maybe triple interested party's share of the LPG gas market thru out greater Belfast. Mail for target mail
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    you should look around for reliable destribution services on google<<<<<:D
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    I came across this forum earlier today when looking up leaflet distribution practices and agree with some of the comments posted above but some do seem to be slightly off like charging £15 for 1000 leaflets to be delivered is definitely not worth doing and would cost more in time and money, if anyone driving a car to a location, on petrol alone if someone had to first pick the leaflets up or drive to the delivery location.

    I have started my own leaflet distribution business which delivers weeknights and all day on weekends. I charge £32 for 1000 leaflets and also deliver newspapers, business cards, catalogues etc for reasonable prices.

    I deliver ALL leaflets and items myself in the Belfast area and use a GPS Logger to record my movements, speeds and length of time it took to complete a delivery. The customer will get emailed daily or sent a printed copy of all routes taken when I am finished and they can call anyone in the streets delivered to to confirm this.

    An example of a dummy route in belfast I drove in my car a few days ago can be shown as proof of how the system works.

    Email me if interested and click on the distribution button.


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    Hi Aaron
    Did you get sorted?
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    Try JogpostBelfast
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    [FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']Got o theleafletdistributionblog[/FONT]
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    Hi Aaron Pollock,
    According to my opinion ASA distribution is a leading leaflet/flyer distribution company amongst London that Leaflet distribution is an extremely effective method of getting a message directly to a market. Leaflet distribution places a message into the hands or letterboxes of a target market. It is an extremely popular form of marketing that is particularly effective for promoting services or products that are specific to particular regions or demographics. The process of getting the leaflets out is fairly rudimentary.
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    I need:

    1. A leaflet drop supplier that is based in NI
    2. Leaflets delivered to businesses ONLY, in the Newtownabbey Council area chiefly

    Flyers are designed and printed.

    Private Message me with a cost per 1000.

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    Hi All , I would like to say i used to use marketing and leaflet companies in northern Ireland and the best by far was local-post.co.uk . They always brought high response rates from the leaflet distribution campaigns and they offer a more personal service which made using local-post.co.uk a pleasant and very rewarding experience, highly recommended .
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