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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland' started by AaronPollock, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. AaronPollock

    AaronPollock UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a reliable company or individual in NI (Belfast particularly, though perhaps wider after a time) who organises leaflet drops?

    Any tips?

    Posted: Nov 13, 2008 By: AaronPollock Member since: Sep 11, 2008
  2. Davem1234

    Davem1234 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hi Aaron

    I can't give you a name of anybody but just an idea, I think newsagents would distribute your flyers with their morning papers. They would probably be the simplest to arrange and shouldn't cost too much.

    When I gave out flyers I did it myself but there was only a few hundred and it was a one off.

    By the way, if you need an accountant then please PM me. I am based in Dromore, Co Down.

    Posted: Nov 13, 2008 By: Davem1234 Member since: Oct 24, 2008
  3. cmckay

    cmckay UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Aaron - Try www.letterboxmarketingireland.com - Have heard good reports about them.

    There is also a place on Boucher Road facing M&S (beside or in the old Eason's offices) can't remember their name sorry.
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    Posted: Nov 13, 2008 By: cmckay Member since: May 5, 2006
  4. AaronPollock

    AaronPollock UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Great stuff, thanks - will follow those up. Not sure whether I can get one newsagent or would need several to do the business...
    Posted: Nov 14, 2008 By: AaronPollock Member since: Sep 11, 2008
  5. Russell?

    Russell? UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    As a student, me and a few mates love doing these sorts of things. If you're in desperation don't hesitate to give me a shout.
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    Posted: Dec 8, 2008 By: Russell? Member since: Dec 8, 2008
  6. SmilePrint

    SmilePrint UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I've had some personal experience here.

    If you want it done, done well, and every (within reason) letterbox delivered to - do it yourself.

    If you want a glamorous looking company to fill you with confidence and talk about penetration rates, back checks, verification processes blah blah , and then take your money and run - open the yellow pages or go with the type of company mentioned here.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but I 've paid for a 60 000 print run, then paid for a 60 000 letterboxmarketing delivery. About 20 000 items went out (that I can tell)

    When I asked for verification I got a list of streets. When I checked the people I knew on these streets - nothing.

    Its truly heartbreaking to put your hard earned cash into something to have companies take your money, deliver a large percentage of your materials to the recycling skip, and get paid for their trouble.

    I've developed a system that today allows me to have letterbox items delivered thoroughly. It takes a little more work on my part, but the delivery is done.

    I'll talk you through it if you like.

    Posted: Jan 20, 2009 By: SmilePrint Member since: Jan 20, 2009
  7. Supreme

    Supreme UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    New to the forum, I am a manager in Letterbox Marketing Ireland and I can tell you that everything has changed in the company atleast since I've came on board. The thing with leaflet distribution is it's so hard to know who to trust, with many people not doing the full amount and maybe dumping the remainder.

    I oversee the storage, distribution and returns of each clients leaflets. I also manage the team leaders, workers and vans of the company. This was never done before and I can tell you that one person over seeing the lot has far more controll than 2 or 3 departments.

    I have just set up my own company where we will distribute certain quanities of leaflets.

    SmilePrint if you tell me what company the leaflets were booked under I would be more that happy to look into what exactly happened to your drop. Nothing annoys me more than the actions of the past management getting us labled as a bad company.

    Posted: Apr 11, 2009 By: Supreme Member since: Apr 11, 2009
  8. SmilePrint

    SmilePrint UKBF Regular Free Member

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    thanks for your offer, but I strongly suspect your eagerness to resolve a company's issues will wane in a month or two.

    Its always "all change" at any company after a customer has a problem, but having heard this many times from many companies I've found its usually not "all change".

    I don't take kindly to companies taking my money and buggering off or hiding behind "procedures" when I ask legitimate questions.

    BTW what exactly do you think will happen if I gave you the name and dates etc? If you're suggesting this company will refund me for the printing and delivery cost of the 75% that got binned and not delivered, then yes certainly I'll be happy to talk (circa £10K refund).

    However, the problem cannot be rectified. And certainly not now. The business that was represented did not get the service promised, which affected its CREDIBILTY and ultimately its SUCCESS. (Business Directories promised to EVERY door in an area)

    Meanwhile the cushy offices, the company cars, the expense accounts of the company responsible for the failure continue. And new staff, like you Gerard, get churned.

    So, I'll continue to tell my story to all and sundry who will listen to ensure those I meet will never trust the words of the silver tongued salesmen or the biggest YP ad.

    I work a simple system today, and I recommend those I meet to do the same; I pay on results.

    When I check an area, only when I am satisfied it is delivered do I pay.

    Its funny how most of the 'Big' companies don't want to do business on this basis. "You want back checks?" they say "Oh... the price will have to be another +£20/1000". What other industry would put up with this? Pay extra to have some type of hocus in-house assurance they have done what they are being paid to do?

    Order 10 000 widgets, pay for 10 000 widgets, and get shown 50 widgets as conclusive proof that they were all made, plus a comment like "We make widgets for Tesco and they don't ask us these questions" "Of course we're trustworthy" I don't think many other industries would work like that.

    So Gerard/ Supreme thanks for your interest, and we'll all watch this space eagerly for the return of £10 of my £15K spent on a print and distribution run.

    Regards and keep smiling
    Posted: Apr 14, 2009 By: SmilePrint Member since: Jan 20, 2009
  9. Supreme

    Supreme UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I can imagine your anger at the service you received so dont think that this reply is in any way disagreeing with you. Your right as this was most likely before my time I couldn't say you would get a refund. That said you havent given a company name the work was booked under so until then nothing could be vertified.

    You said 20,000 went out that you could tell, well I could look at the actual order and tell you exactly what happened. I have no alliance to the previous regime.

    You suspect 20,000 of 60,000 went out but then said 75% return not 66%. As I said I understand your anger and would be exactly the same, I dont know of the system you have developed but we have a client that we deliver 200,000 leaflets a month for. They have back checks via phone call which they carry out. Time consuming yes but 100% foul proof, I dont have anything to do with sales but I feel strongly about giving the customer what they paid for.

    I myself monitor each leaflet that comes back to my warehouse and know if a certain area has or has not been delivered. This is in no way trying to justify anything my employers have or have not done in the past. Nor am I trying to bring in new business for them.

    I am merely saying I can clarify if infact there was 60,000 booked in and as you suspect only 20,000 was delivered. I am a member on here to promote my company Supreme Marketing NI and to get valuable advice on how to make it a success.

    It's just I hate seeing people ripped of especially by people I work for, so my standards will never wane. I'll leave this post the same way I came in with my morales intact.

    The offer is there...........

    Posted: Apr 14, 2009 By: Supreme Member since: Apr 11, 2009
  10. SpiralHosting

    SpiralHosting UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    We send out leaflets now on a regular basis. We used Letterbox Marketing to deliver 8,000 leaflets in December 2008 to South Belfast but got no response what-so-ever to the leaflets, whereas when we do it ourselves we get a reasonable response rate.

    It's a pity because I'd have gladly given them 20 times more business if I was happy with the response rate. Hence, I'd recommend you save the money and do it yourself.
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    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: SpiralHosting Member since: Apr 18, 2009
  11. Yourlocaltrades

    Yourlocaltrades UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    That says it all!!

    I had 5000 brochures printed up, i am delivering them ALL myself!!
    Reason: as i have quoted SpiralHosting above!

    You should always do the first lot yourself, if you then require help, either get it in yourself, pay them p/h or get a company, you will know the feedback expected, and PAY once it is done.

    All companies i called wanted money upfront, NO NO NO!! i am not stupid! i would leave them to gather dust in my own garage!!
    I started Express Marketing, to do leaflet drops, but my wife and i do jobs of no more than 5000, not for much longer thoguh, why?? STAFF!! they think we are silly!!
    One bloke delivered 2500 for us, i gave him the week, just 500 a day would be good, it took him an HOUR and wanted paying!!
    Back checks need to be done, so he went off on one, so i went around and explained-face to face!! one hour!!!!!!! superman lives!!!
    The best thing about this?
    I asked him why the leaflets where behind his bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw them before we even knocked his door, lucky it wasn't his face!!!
    My wife and i delivered them obviously!!!!!

    Please do your first ever drop yourself, feedback can be forever monitored around this, sometimes will be alittle better, some alittle worse, but none-the-less, monitor and keep an eye on the feedback!!!
    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: Yourlocaltrades Member since: Jul 18, 2007
  12. Supreme

    Supreme UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    From my own experience an average person can deliver 140 - 160 an hour for about 6 hours straight. Get a daily update of to what they have delivered.

    I myself do about 200-250 but that wont last beyond 5 hours at a time. It's hard to get anyone to do more than 1000 a day because they lose interest especially if the weather isnt the greatess.

    Tip: If your getting someone to do it, tell them you have a number of friends living in the area and will use their response to determine if a good job been done.

    As had been said before if you can do the first drop yourself you'll know exactly if your being bull s***ed when you get someone else to do it.
    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: Supreme Member since: Apr 11, 2009
  13. Joe E

    Joe E UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Seems the general consensus is that if you hire delivery company you get little or no response but if you do it yourself you fare better! however its not that black and white whilst I understand the nightmare scenarios detailed in this thread all distribution companies shouldn't be tarred with the same brush.
    Yes you guessed it I run a leaflet distribution company so of course I going to defend the industry a bit however I do understand why it generally has a bad reputation.
    The obvious reason why you would use a company such as myself is that you want to advertise this way but you'd rather spend your time on your core business activities rather than pounding the streets.
    What I do with my clients is show them this benefit and if they are happy to proceed I get all agreed objectives in place, areas, rates & quality control(back checks etc) although that all seems obvious I've been amazed to hear how many companies don't even get those basics right.
    As for payment I do stipulate payment in advance only because when I first started up I agreed to take payment afterwards just to get the work and then spent best part of 5 weeks trying to get it not good when you've delivered 10k on your own!! anyways if you only have 200-500 to deliver then it maybe best to do it yourself even though that little would surely only be a test! btw our personal best was 1206 for one day and the area was full of long driveways and big houses as well.
    As said I do still understand why people shy away from using a leaflet distribution company however I would check out everything beforehand and you never know you maybe pleasantly surprised plus you've saved yourself valuable time as well.
    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: Joe E Member since: Oct 24, 2007
  14. SpiralHosting

    SpiralHosting UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    If you have a large quantity you could always pay someone to deliver them with you, but I wouldn't trust someone to go off and do it all by themselves. Perhaps find another local business in the same situation and do joint-deliveries with them (providing you aren't competing for customers!).
    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: SpiralHosting Member since: Apr 18, 2009
  15. Supreme

    Supreme UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    It also depends on the business of the leaflet drop, I've had people call me because on the day of the drop they didnt receive any calls to their take away even though it was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Another client had a drop done and that night they could barely keep up with the pizza orders.

    Find someone you can trust or who can gain your trust.
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    Posted: Apr 18, 2009 By: Supreme Member since: Apr 11, 2009
  16. SmilePrint

    SmilePrint UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Thanks for your input Joe, you seem a nice enough guy and I'm sure no one else here would in any way want to smear you or your business.

    The problem lies in this; How can I differentiate you and the con artists?
    Everything you would say to strengthen your position - so would the thieves.
    Companies/People who want to rob businesses , don't appear in shabby clothes with dirty hands to the sounds of chilling music.

    They look the part, smell the part, talk the part etc...

    So, how do I find people like you Joe in my area, or in any area throughout the UK?

    The only rational way, to defend/protect the business owner who wants leaflets, is to pay on results.

    Which leaves us at an impasse. You(and the industry generally) want paid beforehand, I want to pay on completed delivery.

    Its irreconcilable, until we know and trust each other. We can't know and trust each other until one of us moves from our position.

    I'm offering advice from personal experience to small businesses on UKBF who want leaflets delivered, not attempting to lure them into losing money to any of the many fraudsters in the industry.

    Last year I lost a high value print job when it was subbed out from a trusted colleague to someone else for a delivery fee of £400. Backchecks proved the delivery wasn't done, as well as evidence from a local taxi firm with 70 drivers dotted all across the area!! Only when I threatened Small Claims court (for the price to re-print) did I get anywhere. I got the price to re-print but not without a fight.

    So, back to the start, in order to get leaflets done, I recommend doing them yourself - organising a team yourself, and paying on results.

    Unless you live near Joe!! (Well done on your 1206 in one day!! - I work to 100 per person per hour; averaged out over various types of residential areas)

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    Posted: Apr 20, 2009 By: SmilePrint Member since: Jan 20, 2009
  17. Joe E

    Joe E UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Smileprint thanks for reading my post, You've hit the nail right on the head when you said its about trust, Trust is the key to a sucessful campaign but how do you build it? its a tough question especially when you quite rightly say about the impasse over payment terms.
    I've been thinking for a while now to introduce into my business a 50/50 situation so half is paid upfront and the other half paid on satisfactory reports being completed for the client its not perfect but it may go someway to alleviating the situation.
    It may prove to be a good differential even though it's probably nothing new, I suspect some firms have done this before maybe with varying
    degrees of success, as finding people like me; you wont I'm special:D:D
    In all seriousness as you point out it's difficult the last thing anyone wants is the nightmare scenario you went through, Personally I just try to be open and not too desperate for business I ask for what I want, I'm honest to give feedback on the potential difficulties I can see forsee, I provide testimonials if required, I work with my clients and when I say work I really mean that; a proper sit down to work out all the details of the distribution which includes all the above and the bottom line is that i love what I do! I love meeting people seeing how they run their businesses planning with them and then delivering on objectives that are set.
    I love being outside all day whatever the weather (Am abnormal like this!!)
    Not sure if all this helps anybody to tell the difference between the genuine and the fraudsters though.


    Joe E
    Posted: Apr 20, 2009 By: Joe E Member since: Oct 24, 2007
  18. DeliverEase NI

    DeliverEase NI UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hello All,
    I have just started a leaflet distribution company in Northern Ireland and am determined to provide a quality, reliable service.

    Getting paid afterwards would leave me open to getting ripped off - I can't exactly go and get all the leaflets back if you don't pay.

    How else can I earn your trust? I am a very open and honest person, and have started the business with my father. We currently have about 6 people who we have talked to about delivering for us, once the orders build up. They are all trustworthy people and I intend to monitor them closely.

    As a legitimate company who won't dump your leaflets, how do I earn your trust?

    Posted: Apr 27, 2009 By: DeliverEase NI Member since: Apr 27, 2009
  19. SmilePrint

    SmilePrint UKBF Regular Free Member

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    I've contacted many distributors,

    One of my concerns is the inability of many who profess to be authentic distributors to fulfill the most basic of checks.

    Do you have a website?
    Do you display a physical address?
    Do you have a landline phone number?
    Are you listed on Yell.com or other online directories?
    Do you use a [email protected] or a [email protected] email address?

    In other words do you appear legitimate in some basic checks? Or are you doing this while claiming inability to walk/sickness benefit?

    There is still the meeting in person, and how you come across in person.

    But in direct reply to your question DeliverEase, if you take my items which cost me £1000, and bin them and I have paid you up front, how do I seek recourse for my total loss of £1000 plus delivery fee? I can't exactly take back my product and get my money back off you just as you can't un-deliver items you've put through letterboxes.

    The onus is on you to prove you can do the work, you will do the work and you're a legitimate business, before asking for blanket trust from your target businesses.

    Hope this helps.
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    Posted: Apr 27, 2009 By: SmilePrint Member since: Jan 20, 2009
  20. Supreme

    Supreme UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    From my own experience you have to do the first job with payment after delivery, we posted 6,000 leaflets for 5 businesses over 2 days. I received payment after the job was complete, 1 was a taxi firm so there's always the feddback from the customers they pick up.

    By doing this I earned their trust so much so that when I went back a year later they bit my hand off when I offered they ad space in my booklet.

    As Brendan said it's how you come across in person but that works both ways, you will know if the customer is on the level when you talk to them. On the plus side you know where they are, so you'll know where to find them is they dont pay. Anyone who is going to pay someone to deliver their leaflets has already committed to reaching potential customers, so they wont want a bad name by not paying you.
    Posted: Apr 27, 2009 By: Supreme Member since: Apr 11, 2009
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