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    Outreach Lead Generation Campaign - Suitable for any B2B Business

    We completely guarantee results! And it's a delicious 50% off for all you lovely UKBF members

    Our Packages:

    Bronze - 25 exclusive leads per month (minimum) - Reduced from £1,095 to £545
    Silver - 50 exclusive leads per month (minimum) - Reduced from £1,895 to £945
    Gold - 100 exclusive leads per month (minimum) - Reduced from £3,395 to £1,695

    How do we do it?

    We perform a mass outreach campaign on your behalf via LinkedIn, but we use our own, externally managed LinkedIn profiles. It's very similar to a cold email campaign, just done via LinkedIn instead.

    When reaching out, we filter down your target audience by industry, job title, gender, location, company size, department, seniority etc.

    We then create a messaging sequence that is designed to get replies. This messaging will be specific to what you offer, so that means that any positive replies that return from our outreach will be interested in your product only. We avoid anything spammy - I personally have years of experience in putting together outreach content that works.

    Your brand won't be affected as we won't use your company name on the LinkedIn profiles. It's just something that would be mentioned in the messaging or when the positive replies get back to us.

    It's exactly what the title suggests

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email on [email protected] or drop me a PM on here.​
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