LCL / FCL Container Shipping Management Software

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    Hi all

    We are looking for software to help manage our container shipments.
    I've searched the web but cannot find any off the shelf solutions.

    Can anyone recommend anything please? Off the top of my head the software should manage the following tasks:

    - Record payments made for stock valuation of goods held with suppliers / or in transit.
    - Assist with working out what shipments can be consolidated
    - Record ETAs and delivery dates, show late orders etc.
    - Organise the docs required for customs entry so they are one click away from being sent to our agent
    - Record final landing costs for each product


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  2. Red Wood

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    Most large forwarders offer ways to view/manage all but your initial data point.

    Record payments etc can be done through most accountancy packages.

    If you were dead set on all of the above, then work with a forwarder that allows access via an API and either develop your own software or go to the likes of netsuite or similar who will be able to offer a solution for many thousands of pounds annually.
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