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    Law Hound Snaps Up HR in Minutes

    Disruptive legal and business consultancy Law Hound is continuing to shake up the sector with the acquisition of human resources software firm, HR in Minutes. Blending business with Employment Law, the newly expanded HR division HR Hound will provide on-demand HR and employment law services to small businesses across the UK.

    Sue Edwards MD of Law Hound said, “Law Hound has been rapidly expanding over the past 2 years and we’ve now taken the opportunity to strengthen our HR offering with acquiring one of the UK’s leading HR firms. We anticipate that the move will help us provide clients with a stronger and all-encompassing employment law service that other firms simply don’t offer.”

    At its core HR Hound aims to provide small and micro businesses with professional and cost effective employment law solutions. The services menu encompasses a range of matters including legal documents, forms, policies, letters, employment law compliance advice, HR health checks, advice lines and research. Clients also enjoy a mobile friendly service that allows them to access documents and seek advice on-the-go.

    Setting HR Hound apart from its competitors is a deep understanding of how small businesses want to manage their workforce. With the majority of British businesses employing less than five staff working relationships are generally close, personal and multi-faceted. This means that managers need more than just a call centre or complex court case insurance to effectively manage HR and employment issues. The HR Hound team also understands that small workforces mimic family relations which is why sensitivity and discretion are employed at all times.

    Sue Edwards MD of Law Hound said, “Staff are critical to any small business and it pays to stay on top of employment law changes and legal requirements. If one member of a team of four calls in sick a manager has automatically lost 25% of their workforce. It’s these sorts of scenarios where it’s vital to have professional support and an expert contingency plan in place.”

    For small businesses anticipating future growth HR Hound monthly contracts work brilliantly. Contracts are designed around individual needs and start at just £59 ex VAT per month. Businesses encountering unanticipated obstacles such as late invoice payments can take advantage of the HR On Demand service. This gives managers the flexibility to access the services they need, when they need them. From documents, letters, policies or phone advice, the pack of HR Hound experts will be on hand to help. The lack of heavy contract pricing makes it a definitive solution for any small or micro business.

    HR Hound focusses on flexibility and offers its clients the option of signing up for pay as you go, monthly retainer, yearly contract or project based services.

    To find out more about Law Hound and HR Hound, visit :

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    Law Hound is a transformative consultancy that blends business and law in one consultancy. The services are predominantly aimed at businesses that sell or market their services online. The company has recently acquired HR in Minutes which it has integrated into its existing HR division; HR Hound. The HR Hound team advises on a wide range of employment law matters. Clients enjoy flexible contracts designed to suit their individual business needs.
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