Landmark Global international couriers : any good ?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Justin Smith, Nov 2, 2018.

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  1. Justin Smith

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    Has anyone had any experience of "Landmark Global" couriers ?

    We don`t send that much abroad (mainly because of the cost of carriage) so we use the ParcelsToGo agent for those, and they give Landmark Global as an option. They are very cheap, £16 to send a 2.5Kg package to the USA, the next cheapest is £25 ! BUT Landmark Global`s rating on Trustpilot is appalling (one star), with complaints about slow delivery, lost and damaged parcels and, worst of all, no customer service contact at all. To add to the mix, ParcelsToGo aren`t that easy to get in touch with either, they also have no customer service phone contact number *.

    Basically will using Landmark Global (via ParcelsToGo) be more trouble than it`s worth ?

    * more and more companies have poor customer service with no phone number, we used to use ParcelsToGo but swapped to P4D years ago for that very reason. Then P4D became difficult to phone as well, and we finally dumped them when they started charging us a "non collection fee" when Parcelforce called after we shut (we`re a shop, why the hell were Parcelforce calling after 5.00PM anyway ? ! ?).
    Posted: Nov 2, 2018 By: Justin Smith Member since: Jun 6, 2012
  2. infinitebargains

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    We used them once a couple of months ago, delivery was slow (around 3 weeks) but the customer wanted the cheapest option and did not mind the wait.

    Had no issues, parcel arrived undamaged, dropped the parcel off at the local co-op down the road and the cost was around half the price of anyone else.
    Posted: Nov 2, 2018 By: infinitebargains Member since: Oct 10, 2014
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