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    If you have or are starting an online business, you know there are many things to think about.
    From an online perspective there are 4 pillars that will make or break your online status.

    A. Keyword Research -
    Do you want to know how many people are searching for what per month ? AND how many other competing web pages there are for that 'phrase'. Would you like to discover phrases that have lots of searches and hardly any competition ?

    B. Website Audit - Done your keyword Research - you now need to optimise your website so that each keyword phrase is appropriately optimised. You wouldn't expect to pick up a sports paper and read about carpentry would you. Google judges your website and marks it accordingly. It does this via Page Titles, HTML Headings , content on page, schema markup so Google can better index it, mobile friendly, page load speed , amongst other things.

    C. Competitor Research - Ever wondered why other websites are above yours ?, that's because thinks they are better than yours - as they have been judged to be relevant and optimised for pecific keywords (see above). Google also sees links from other (quality) websites and thinks this is a vote of confidence. The problem is Google wont tell you where those links are. You need to find them yourself (impossible). You need specific software to discover the links you need to go after and a list of links to ignore.

    All the above needs specific tools to do this. These can be purchased easily (at a price) or you can pay someone to do it for you. It can be as straight forward as ABC , this will gives your the headsup / handup and foresight to get go after and then get ahead of your competitors.

    Hit the contact button and DM me if you have a budget. If you dont then keep on plodding along trying to compete - good luck.

    Now - if you have been reading - you will have noticed I said 4 pillars - but have only listed 3. Well done - the 4th pillar of any online business is Social. If you want to know - who has said what / where / when anywhere on the internet - in blogs / forums / tweets / Likes / articles / press releases then you can - for about a dollar a day. Start / stop whenever you want - sound interesting ?
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