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    A few years ago a UKBF member created a keyword research tool that asked "What do real people search for?" -

    Whenever doing keyword research I always say it is important to get in to the mind of the searcher and ask yourself - What keywords would I use if I was searching for a product/service?

    To expand on this I included a section in the submission process of my Business Directory which asked the business owner to include 5 keywords or short phrases related to their business when adding their listing.

    I then group these keywords/phrases by the category the business owner registered in and created my own Keyword Research Tool which returns a sample list of keywords or search phrases based on the category selected - example here - Keywords related to Accountants

    The list is just a small sample but I also have a separate section that displays the full list.

    If any UKBF member wants access to the full list drop me a PM and I will send you a link to a password protected page which allows you to select a category to reveal the full list of keywords suggested by the actual business owners.
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