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    £45.50 (that's the cost part over and done with)
    Expires 15th Dec 2020 (that's the date part over and done with)

    Now on to the offer. Keyword Research - the foundation of any online business.
    Example - How many people per month search for "cardboard photo mounts" - the answer is approx 110 and there are only 9 optimised webpages targeting that keyword.
    Compared to "cardboard photo folders" where there are only approx 40 searches per month but have 615 competing webpages (not worth chasing).

    Give me 8 keyword phrases, I will give you the stats and also offer alternatives based on keyword research data. This data will give your online business a competitive advantage. Available to UKBF members only until the 15th Dec.
    Send me a message on here for further information.
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