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    Hi, I am John Murphy, 31 year old married, father of two children.

    I am hoping to open a gaming cafe in the Liverpool, that will serve as a community hub. I am passionate about gaming and have been my whole life, want to I have always wanted to do this idea but kept putting it off. It was, and to be honest, still is a little overwhelming, but i feel now is a good time to try and give it a go.

    I also wanted to help the local community, and did some serious research on starting a CIO.

    I have decided it would be more beneficial to my family if we took on this venturet.It would mean I could make a living for myself and my family while still providing many benefits for the local community in many different aspects.

    Two birds - one stone. All while doing a job I WANT to be doing and have wanted to do for many years.

    I would also like to state tha i do understand that owning and operating a Gaming Cafe will not be me playing games all day. It will be a serious business that requires a professional attitude and I am taking all obligations and requirements seriously.

    If my questions seem like those of a amateur, please, bare with as I have no formal training or education operating a business and that will probably be quite obvious.

    I have come here to utilise these forums ,to read, learn and hopefully open some lines of communication.

    I am determined, passionate and willing to work hard to at least give it a shot. Wish me luck. ( Or at least don't be too harsh ).
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    Best of luck . The issue you will find is that kids don't have much money I'm afraid. If you stroke the right tone you could attract adults who play.
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    Good idea :) Offer Fortnite Gaming Parties or Call of Duty workshops you will be quids in! :)
    All the best, keep us posted how you get on!
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